Why are we so obsessed with genital mutilation?

Since the time of the old testament mankind has been taking knives to genitalia. At some point men had the, not so bright, idea of doing this to little girls. To this very day it is done by the thousands, and it begs the question, are we nuts?

The main pros of male circumcision are that it can help to avoid becoming infected with HIV. It is not a guarantee. It simply lowers the chances because the foreskin can hold in moisture, and that can allow the virus to linger. I would say if your having that kind of risky sex, it probably has not crossed your mind. Another plus to circumcision is the decrease seen in infections, and guys are never happy about anything infected. Some women do find it aesthetically pleasing though. Mostly it is preformed for religious reasons. Apparently god is concerned if you have foreskin or not, but couldn't be bothered to make you without it. Another flaw in the divine creation.

So what is the down side here? Well first of all, no new born baby has any clue who all of us are, or why we want to cause it severe pain. After all it just got here, and a fine how do you do comes along with a knife. In modern times most of these are done in hospitals, unless you are a Jew. Then at eight days old, a briss is preformed where a man in a funny hat shows up to whack off the tip of your penis. Sure you bleed, and it can get infected, and crusty. But this is about god. He wants to play a part in your penis suffering, mostly because he said so. So you are welcomed to the world by strangers in a horrible fashion by having the tip of your penis cut off.

I am sure no harm can come of childhood trauma. After all who remembers the first time they were mutilated in the name of god? Sure your new, and we have no clue what neural connections your making, and if it will cause long term emotional harm, but god said so. Currently the world health organization finds there are not many reasons to preform this barbaric act. After all in modern times, with general cleaning and care, an uncircumcised penis is equal to all others, and it comes with a built in hoodie.

Now for the ladies. You get the worse end of the mutilation stick. After all what would this world be without horrific trauma. Because most girls are circumcised between three years old and ten. They are given no anaesthesia, unlike hospitalized boys who do receive it. In fact they are not even offered a clean knife, or steril surroundings. Usually this procedure takes place in a hut. Or an open place in the tribe, where the young girl is held down against her will and a knife or sharp piece of glass, or razor blade is used to cut out her clitoris, and the skin around it. Sometimes down to the vaginal opening. She is then sewn shut and left only a small hole for urine to flow out of. I want to add that the person doing this procedure is not a doctor. It is usually an elder and he is not trained. So whatever mutilation he does remains. The girl will then remain closed up until she is married, her husband will then cut her back open to have sex with her. This painful procedure has no excuse. I

Female genital mutilation is preformed to keep girls virgins. It is said to detour them from cheating if they do not have sexual desire. Little do these men know that sexual desire begins in the brain. Be careful with that info or men will want to start giving women lobotomies. Sexual arousal is still possible even without the clitoris. In fact the g spot remains. The only thing this mutilation does is offer a lifetime of horror for the young girl.

 The clitoris has forty thousand nerve endings in it. So not only do they desensitize a woman, but when the procedure is preformed cause tremendous pain. After all forty thousand nerves are screaming. Males have twenty thousand in the tip of their penis, which is only half, but plenty to suffer a great deal of pain.  A portion of those twenty thousand must extend into the foreskin.

The biggest question is why we do this? After all science has shown us that it is not necessary, and thousands of girls die from mutilation. Males have suffered functional problems, or even had too much skin removed. This really benefits no one. But the problems are many. After all not one of these people chose this. In fact, it makes you wonder how parents are allowed to treat their children as property. Even in a court of law they are allowed their own legal representation. We know that in court cases the will of the parents is not what is always best for the child, so how do we stand by in the name of religion, when it comes to mutilation? I don't see where it benefits any child to be choiceless about their genitalia. When they grow up they will notice, and many men and woman are not happy about it being forced on them as infants. In fact most of them say that they would not have chosen it. So why does religion always get a free pass. Prove to me that this is in the best interest of men or women, and prove that it does no harm!!!!Either that or it is time for religion to get its hands off our genitals. 

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