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You want Protest Birth Control, Why Don't We Protest Your Birth's?

You have to love it when hundreds of simple minded people show up to protest being forced to pay for birth control on insurance plans. The irony is so off the chart, I simply don't know where to begin. So I will just break it down for you.

The average birth costs around five thousand dollars, and that is if everything goes great. If it doesn't and you have to have a c-section then the cost goes up to about twenty thousand. If the child is born early, by c-section or regular birth the cost can be as much as two hundred thousand dollars. (I know this because it happened to a friend of mine) yet no one was offended when insurance rates went up the next year for the whole company. No one turned to the mother of this child and said, "Thanks." Instead they attributed it to the higher risk and climbing costs of insurance and inflation. So birthing kids gets a pass, when it is horribly expensive.

The average doctor visit is around two hundred dollars for a woman seeking bir…

Arranged Marriage: What does love have to do with it?

A recent article in The New York Times highlighted the new wave of suicides taking place. While men seem satisfied with their part of the marriage, the women are saddened by their life sentence of marriage. While the blame is being placed on a new show coming from Turkey, clearly there is more to it than that. Young girls are taking their lives, and their doing it with guns. One girl shot herself in the abdomen with her brothers gun, in a serious suicide attempt. She tried to lie to her father about knowing if the gun was loaded, but he knew the truth. Now he promises he will not force her to go back to her husband, but hopes she will.

It may seem less than shocking to some people used to this culture , but even a sociologist will explain this is extreme behavior for women to be using guns to kill themselves. Many women normally use pills as a method of suicide, since they would rather be left with their beauty, even in death, so when the guns come out, something has gone terribly w…

Group think: Can we ever escape it?

I was speaking on this topic in an article the other day. We as a society tend to follow trends. Even if our initial thinking was to avoid or abstain from one trend or another, it quickly becomes difficult. Society is built on the very basis of conformity. We can all get along better if we agree. This same mentality that works towards our aid and comfort can be destructive when perpetuated on the masses as an ideological doctrine. Questioning and defiance have their place in society, even if we tend to look down upon it.

Some of the greatest changes in our history have come from men and women who did not conform. When Galileo said the earth was not the center of the universe and that it rotated around the sun, the church was enraged by this. He dared to challenge the idea that everything was set in motion with the aid and comfort of man in mind. He is just one example.

When the Internet was created it shocked the world. Suddenly you could talk to people close by without a phone, and …

Divide, Conqure, and Convert: The reality of Islam

There is a wide spread trend in Islam, and among Muslims alike. It is the mindset of divide, conquer and convert. It is a tactic all religions use, but in Islam it is the hand feeding of false information is a course in conversion tactics not even used by the Christians. So why is this so dangerous?

Many young people seeking comfort can be easily swayed to follow the group, if it means they will no longer be alone. It is the group think, or group mentality. This is essential for Muslims and Islam, appealing depressed youth who are in danger of substance abuse, or suicide. These are easy targets for the mental games that are played in the religious world. It utilizes the weakness and needy nature of confused teens, and youth alike searching for comfort.

This type of programming appeals to the need for power and change in their lives, and can be as equally destructive as any drug or gang. The reason it is such a tremendous threat is that clinging to the dogma, while suffering from depr…

Ladies: Stop Blaming Men For Not Loving You When You Don't.

I have met so many guys, battered and bruised egos and all. Men who are desperately seeking, anyone. As long as she is kind and giving, and willing to be a little naughty. But what I find is women reaching an age of disinterest. There comes a point in her late thirties when women start feeling the glow is leaving, and the years are coming. Somehow we equate an age of fertility with our sexuality. This is beyond wrong.

Women have spent the last fifty years trying to be defined by more than ovaries, yet I can clearly see men are not alone in doing it, we do it to our selves. While I don't want to advocate that women behave a certain way, or dress a certain way, I must imply that loving your self does wonders for someone loving you. That is not just some lame metaphor, it is a reality. I used to hear women say that a lot, and I often thought, okay, sounds good, but what else.

The what else is getting off the couch and back into life. Remember the teen years when you ran around, and …

The Difference in Macro and Micro Evolution.

No form of evolution ever made a wing overnight. But if you start with just a tiny bit of fuzz, and give about a thousand generations, you might be right there. Micro and macro evolution can be difficult to understand if you think one means that a dog becomes a bear in one generation. That is not only impossible but improbable as well. So how do the scales run over time?

The vital difference between macro and micro evolution are the scales of time in biology. A species can have inter, but not intra, generational mutations. Simple effects such as mutations in pigment genes can create a species which better suits the environment. These happen all the time. If the effect is not beneficial, and predators take note then the mutation will not survive to the next generation, since mutations occur in offspring and show in the juvenile form of the species.

When benefits help the prey or predator species in their environment it is passed on to the next generation. Now mutations like this are s…

How long before Extended Breast Feeding Becomes Creepy?

Okay so the whole world has probably seen the image of a mom nursing her three year old son. I thought at first the cover was just a image to shock the audience into paying to see the article inside. Then I tuned in to see it was about extended breast feeding. It seemed to me there was something about this that tweaked my nerves.

I am a woman and well aware of the benefits of breastfeeding. It can make your baby more healthy, and help you lose a few pounds in the process. But how long of an extension should breastfeeding get? It seems to me there is a line, and some people are willing to push it back as far as it can go, but what are the drawbacks and benefits here?

For a baby who is breast feeding they are getting antibodies, which can last up to six months of age, and that helps a lot when it comes to children and illness. Plus breast feeding means less milk will run down their face into their ears, like formula and bottles can. So it can save you trips to the doctor. It helps bond…

I love My Homosexual Friends: Now Stop Telling Me What To Write.

I often get some snide remark about my blog. Even though I have mentioned homosexuals fondly, kindly, and with love. People seem to think my speaking about heterosexuality means that by some twist of words I am criminalizing homosexuality, or blaming them. Well I want to make a few things very clear.

Most of the male pedophiles out there do not consider themselves gay, even if they have molested little boys for years. Being gay does not make you a pedophile. In fact most pedophiles commit crimes because of problems with their mental state, prior abuse(sexual) and other problems in their life. Homosexuality does not seem to be a grand link, or even one. In fact many many homosexuals have very wonderful lives. They love their partners, who are adults, and they are happy.

For years homosexuals were portrayed as confused, scary people with gender identity problems, who are willing to go to any lengths to have their perverse sex, but it turns out they are just normal people making love h…

Not A Man Eater: But A Man Eater....

For all the men out there who feel I might be hard on you sometimes, I must stop and take a few moments to give you something to smile about. Life would not be as fun if we could self procreate, or were a unisex species. Men are so very necessary.

Sure there are lesbians out there who might dispute that statement, but even they must admit, we need you around. Who else can make us feel so frustrated, and yet sexually alive. Who else holds the key to making offspring, and making it so much fun. Men are some of the best parts of sex. That has everything to do with size, shape, and use of his penis. Now don't get depressed at this point fellas. I want to make you feel better. A twelve inch penis is not a joy ride, it is a crow bar. And I don't need my thighs pried open.

The average man has a six inch penis. That is about average enough for any woman. Our vaginas are not huge, and a crowbar sized penis is not the tool to fit. When a man has a penis that huge he has to use caution…

Trayvon Martin killed: Why is America not Mourning?

It took an outcry from Americas most hated group to get the ball rolling. We are trusted less than rapists, but obviously stand above them, because we cared when Trayvon Martin got murdered. Why did it take so long for justice to start taking place, and why was America silent for so long?

Our society has an illness, one that is as horrendous as any plague, or as hostile as any virus. Racism still lives and breeds in the backstreets and alleys of America. We are still a hotbed of defunct ideas, old world policies, and ignorant morals. Now those have cost one young man his life, but he is not alone. Since the ending of the Civil war there has been a trend of abusing the most helpless racial groups among us, and the pattern is bright and bold.

What used to be the majority, the White male, ruled and continues to rule, with an iron fist. Many of them come from money made on the backs of minorities, as far back as the Civil war. Others made their money later when factories became implement…

Will Human Sexual Nature Become Outdated?

The sex of the future might look and behave like nothing in the past. We might attempt to move beyond sexual intercourse, to a new method of sex. One where partners never have to touch each other. Story lines in the movies talk about using devices that stimulate the same feeling in our bodies without the physical interaction, but can we do it?

Humans thrive on stimulation of their senses. We are bound by our evolution to desire intimacy. The cold hard facts are, we need it. Our bodies secrete pheromones, and when a woman is ovulating men can smell it, even if they don't know it. We leak hormones through our skin even though the dermal layers are dead, we can breathe and absorb through the outer layers. We essentially crave human contact, from the moment we are born till we die, we are by nature social creatures, and being social means needing each other for basic needs. Babies are a good example. While they are nursing from their mother they cause her to release oxytocin. It is p…

Be Inspired: Hitchens Last Message.

It has not yet been a year since the passing of Christopher Hitchens. Every time I hear his words I am inspired. His contribution to humanity will sustain mankind for thousands of years to come. His whit and candor brought fear to his foes. His splendid knowledge was like a well versed and worn book. Every page was some sparkling overlooked detail of history. He shined a light on the hypocrisy of religion, and shouted it from every podium or arena he could find.

In his final message, in Texas, to the freethinkers gathered there, he said "Be inspired." He looked to the future that he would never see. A future where we solve the mysteries that lie awaiting our discovery. Discoveries he could have never dreamed of, for his lifetime. On the eve of his own departure from humanity, he knew that our choices will effect the certainty of our existence. We as a species, and a group, and societies, countries, families. He had come to terms with his own human frailty as an organic crea…

The How of Consciousness?

For years scientists have been looking hard to find why we have a conscious state. Being self aware has pushed us to the top of the food chain. It has made one of the least equipped species on the planet rise above the game. Scientists know that neuron damage can erase a persons identity, as can disease. Now neurologists studying old world monkeys have made an important discovery. The article was released this month inNeuron.

Scientists found a rare neuron in macaques during an unrelated study. These neurons are three times the size of other neurons and have bushy branches of dendrites on the end. While they are not yet fully understood, some scientists believe they are responsible for consciousness. They are neurons thought to be responsible for empathy and self awareness. These cells have been found in humans, but had not been found in old world monkeys prior to this, even in studies to try and locate them.

Finding these cells leads to a lot of possibilities, since future studies c…

Murder In Nigeria.


Away in A Manger: Just Leave Your Vagina At Home.

The Religious Right claim the war on women does not exist, but it only took one photo displayed on the Daily Show to put the Catholics in a rage. A comical joke about a Vagina Manger. The intent was to show that Jesus came from a vagina. Within one day Delta airlines pulled their ads from the Daily show after pressure from the Catholic league. These are the same people who said nothing when Rush Limbaugh was busy calling a young woman a "slut, and whore" for her testimony to congress about birth control. What does all this say?

There is a very seedy and malicious war on women going on. Even if the Republicans are taking a powder on their blatant attacks on women, their bullying continues from the pulpits and churches everywhere. Women are to be used for sex only, and nothing more. Women are baby makers, and not to be talked about like civil, educated, formal adults. Or express that babies come from their vaginae.  The sexual organ which makes a babies entry into the world p…

Bullied To Death: Learning From The Kids

Teen suicides are all over the news. Bullying at school has spiraled out of control, and young and impressionable minds are being pushed too far. Lately several teens have committed suicide. All of suicides in the past few months have been hangings. It is becoming a trend. After being called names, and harassed these teens ended the cry for help with the silence of death. Some were found by siblings, while others by their mothers. Still the greatest tragedy is the loss of these precious lives.

High school is by far, a hard place. Emotional hormone driven youths direct anger and pain in any direction, usually singling out the weakest and most vulnerable teens and bullying them. But look a little closer and see where they are getting it from. A society that feels it is fine to discriminate by differences in sexual orientation or behavior is almost calling for their kids to behave the same way. Bullying is a tactic used by the religious, racists, and many other adults in the form of di…

A Mission Of Misery

In India there exists an organization, operating at the expense of human life, a mid-evil institute of suffering and pain. People come and die by the hundreds. Christopher Hitchens talked about the human wasteland called the Sisters of Charity, and the misery they inflict, in the name self absorbed deity. The world is tired of turning a blind eye to this bubbling catastrophe and home of despair.

It is so shocking to see the pictures from a disgusting place of drudgery. People come to spend their last miserable days being given pseudo medicine, barely humane treatment, in a facility which by no means meets any medical standards. It is gross negligence by the state at best, and sheer barbary at worst. If this is the reward of the poor, then it should be used as torture for the rich. The home for the dying in Calcutta is a charity in no means of the word. People are skinny and starved looking, allowed to sit or lay on a dank musty cot, with nothing to occupy the mind but the staggering…

Beat the Gay Out Of Your Kids?

Berean Baptist Church pastor this week told his flock of mindless sheep, that if a boy acts effeminate they should be taught to be a "dude" or man by their fathers. How did this bigot with an attitude suggest parents do that? Well it would not be Christianity without a punch or a "crack" of that feminine wrist. But for the girls who feel left out here he thinks if you want to play sports, fine, but sometimes you have to be sexualized. "Your going to walk like a girl, and talk like a girl, and smell like a girl, and be attractive." Because every four year old to ten year old girl playing sports should be sexy. Also their interest in sports automatically makes them a lesbian.

Just like a small boy who tries on his mothers dress is automatically gay. There are no feminine lesbians or butch gay men as we have learned from Sean Harris, pastor of the church. You can identify gay by stereotypical means. Gay behaves a certain way only, and that is how you can id…

Are We At War With Muslims?

CNN released an article today about a Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki who called for the death of Americans, any means necessary. While he did not call for the death of women and children directly, if they get in the way, then it is fine to kill them too.

He was killed in a drone attack, but his words of hate live on and were printed by the Yemen Al-Qaeda. His words of hate will be read by thousands, and as of yet no other clerics have come forward to condemn him. It is tragic to see this mentality, and it begs the question are we at war with the Muslims. In his hate filled letter to be published, he said that America is at war with Muslims, and their Quran allows the killing of infidels who declare war on Muslims. War on Muslims is not what we declared on 9/11.

 Yet it seems like it was. We have spent over a decade blowing up the middle east and killing people, and there seems to be no end in sight. We don't even have to pay attention to how much of it is going on. America has be…

The Big Bang - Not A Big Bang.

One of the biggest misconceptions about the beginning of our universe is that there was this massive explosion, that blew matter everywhere, from nothing. Those of us with a simple understanding have tried time and time again to explain, that is not how it works. There was not one speck of dust that just became everything.

Creationsist believe it took magic to make the whole of the universe, but still can't explain how their deity could come from nothing to make the universe from nothing. It seems like a paradox. Sort of like finding a modern chicken egg and no chicken. Because their deity being energy or matter would have needed energy or matter to exist, for them to exist. Then with their magic energy create more of the same. The problem with that idea is it makes them less of a deity, because the designer must have a designer.

Science and cosmologists explain that the universe expanded. There was nothing, and then something changed. Matter began bubbling out and expanding all …

Rape the Gay Away!!!???

I could almost vomit hearing this ignorant mans thoughts on homosexuality. Rape your daughter straight. Are you kidding me? How does a moron like this get on the air?

A man called into the radio show to say that he thought his daughter was attracted to other women. The "good" advice he was given by an untrained, unqualified DJ, Dominic Dieter  was to have her raped straight. Now I can't even believe someone would have the indignant nature to voice this hate to thousands of listeners, but rape, of all things?

Since when does holding someone down and against their will penetrating their body, while they struggle and cry out sound like a cure for anything? The only thing it is going to cure is for that daughter to ever want near men again. Especially her father. But one question here, how much rape makes you straight? Do you have to rape them all night? What about for a week? Do you have to do physical damage? At what point in the rape should the person begi…

Gap Wars. Religions are faling through the cracks.

Recently scientists have identified the protein which reduces or turns off the melanin gene in fish. They call it the golden gene.This and the recent news of the self replicating RNA strand, the cell made in the lab, the discovery of a new fossil(Ardi) scientists are evaluating for the line of human evolution. Science is putting the fear of god disappearing, into creationists.

Creationist have very little left. They are clinging to quickly closing gaps. Ones they created in the first place. There are constant attacks on Darwin,  and missing links. The weak arguments made by creationists. Even their brightest and best can only proudly boast we don't know how life started, but those doors are closing. Scientists have made amino acids in the lab. Now with the creation of RNA, which is ribonucleic acids, we are sure to have the key to first life soon. That fills another gap. We all know creationists will deny it when have that basic life.

The talk about bananas being made to fit in o…

There is Nothing Sexier than a Feminist Man

It used to be the case that strong men who were a bit on the dangerous side got all the attention. Our Evolution was based on survival of the fittest. It happens to be the reason that so many people carry the DNA of Gangus Khan, that and the fact men could steal women, like they stole horses. If you wanted the ladies, all you had to do was show a little muscle and a large ego. Thankfully times have changed.

The new sexy man does not come in spurs, toting an ego the size of Texas. He usually just comes dressed in casual clothes and blue jeans. He also has some new and remodeled ideas. And they look mighty good on him. He does not feel like women are second place, or stupid. He does not tell them their place is in the kitchen or making babies.

There is nothing hotter than a feminist man. A man who is educated, and sensible. He helps his wife with the house, and sees that it is not just her place but both or their places to help raise the kids. He does not believe that he owns his wife,…