I love My Homosexual Friends: Now Stop Telling Me What To Write.

I often get some snide remark about my blog. Even though I have mentioned homosexuals fondly, kindly, and with love. People seem to think my speaking about heterosexuality means that by some twist of words I am criminalizing homosexuality, or blaming them. Well I want to make a few things very clear.

Most of the male pedophiles out there do not consider themselves gay, even if they have molested little boys for years. Being gay does not make you a pedophile. In fact most pedophiles commit crimes because of problems with their mental state, prior abuse(sexual) and other problems in their life. Homosexuality does not seem to be a grand link, or even one. In fact many many homosexuals have very wonderful lives. They love their partners, who are adults, and they are happy.

For years homosexuals were portrayed as confused, scary people with gender identity problems, who are willing to go to any lengths to have their perverse sex, but it turns out they are just normal people making love how they please and are pretty damn happy about it. They don't suffer from mental illness because they are gay, they are not sinful, they are not wrong. In fact there is no proof that anything they are doing hurts anyone.

As for lesbians, the same goes. They do not touch little girls, they will not turn your daughter into a sports loving lesbian, they will not change her behavior, or sexuality at all, and lesbians don't molest little girls. They do love children, and make nice homes, and enjoy other women. They do act just like other human beings, even if that human happens to be a man. After all there are straight women who watch sports, and play them.

Talking about heterosexual sex, and pedophilia does not mean I think homosexuals are pedophiles, or bad people. Instead I would rather live with them, around them, give them kids to babysit, and trust them than a pedophile. At least I know that two people who are capable of showing love and care for each other in a healthy way is equal to every other normal healthy couple. It is time people started listening to what is being said and not making it what they want to hear.

I think homosexuals should not only be equal to any other sexual being, but that it is none of the governments business what I do in my bed, or you do in your bed. It is pretty sick when words that describe reality make people jump to defend homosexuals because people are so busy trying to hurt them. Well I am not one. It is okay to be gay. It is fine to be a lesbian. It is not abnormal, it is not wrong, it is not a sin, and it is none of your damn business.

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