Gap Wars. Religions are faling through the cracks.

Recently scientists have identified the protein which reduces or turns off the melanin gene in fish. They call it the golden gene.This and the recent news of the self replicating RNA strand, the cell made in the lab, the discovery of a new fossil(Ardi) scientists are evaluating for the line of human evolution. Science is putting the fear of god disappearing, into creationists.

Creationist have very little left. They are clinging to quickly closing gaps. Ones they created in the first place. There are constant attacks on Darwin,  and missing links. The weak arguments made by creationists. Even their brightest and best can only proudly boast we don't know how life started, but those doors are closing. Scientists have made amino acids in the lab. Now with the creation of RNA, which is ribonucleic acids, we are sure to have the key to first life soon. That fills another gap. We all know creationists will deny it when have that basic life.

The talk about bananas being made to fit in our hands, as a sign of design is pathetic and shows how little they know. The first bananas were small and bitter. They were cultivated by South American tribes to grow bigger and sweeter. This is why we have modern day bananas that are big and sweet to the taste. Just like modern day cabbage, brussel sprouts, and broccoli. None of those were just found in nature, but selection, and cultivation made for nice produce. Even carrots have been changed by man. In Ireland they were selectively changed to be orange, since it was the national color. If they had only known we can not break down the carotene found in them, they would probably still be purple. 

When it comes to Darwin they just need to get the facts straight. He did not make up a unsupported theory and try and throw proof at it. It took hi a five year voyage, where he went around the world. He stayed with islanders and South Americans, he talked to educated men of all professions. He learned about our world in a way that was deep and intense. He was far from lazy. When he wrote The Decent Of Man he had collected over twenty thousand specimens. His fossils and collections still exist in a museum named for him. Anyone who could have dared to examine that many fossils knows that your bound to discover similarities. Just like the scientists did when they found the golden gene in the fish, which is a gene shared with us. 

So what about those gaps? They are so huge, and we only have six thousand fossils of human evolution, including the newest find of a hobbit like human and an earlier ancestor, with canines placing human evolution back to around 3.5 to 4 million years. Well, that actually proves our side more than the creationists, since it has large canines. They are not like modern teeth that have rounded canines, but very sharp like our chimp like ancestors, or modern chimps today. We all know that our evolution took time, just like it did for dinosaurs to mutate to modern avians. Evolution is a long running process, one that is not predictable. Science is fine with changing, creationists can't say the same. We are finding more and more fossils from the past. Slowly the story is coming together that there were changes in everything. While we may never find some fossils, DNA can fill in the "gaps" since we are finding how close we are related. 

This may be the reason for the latest fights against science in the schools. Creation is slowly going extinct. We may find really staunch theists out there hanging on to an ancient idea created by sheep herding nomads, but they won't last forever. It will be hard to keep their god competing with science when we can regrow parts, stop disease, and alter mutations. Where will the gaps be when we can map hetero-chromatin, the tightly wound DNA that is not used, or when we unlock all of the protein signals and are able to understand death, and cancer, and other diseases. Where will they find gaps when their god has nothing on the power of science to aid man? Which will they choose, prayer or science? We all know the answer to that because they are doing it now. Every day they lose a little ground, because what we do best works, and what they do best fails. No man can lie to himself about reality forever. Soon the god of the gaps will silently fall through them.

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