Why Black Racism Isn't A "Thing."

You hear white people say it all the time, "Black people are racist too." It gets so maddening explaining to white people over and over again why black people aren't actually racist. Yet, here I go again, this time I hope I have made it easier to understand. Maybe?

In this era of racial unrest and BLM matter coming to the aid of their fellow people, because they need to, we need to get somethings straight. I am white, and if you are white you need to listen. I live in a predominately minority area, where I, by skin color alone am not trusted. I am often looked at with angry eyes, treated badly, and face rudeness from the black community. Right there you might say, see that's racism. You're wrong, and here's why.

Though they might be angry, and they have every right to be, they have no power. Racism take power to employ, and they don't have it. They are angry because since their ancestors first stepped a shackled foot onto this land, they have endured horr…

Sexism and the Atheist Movement

About a week or so ago I saw a post on  Facebook from a fellow atheist on the subject of Richard Dawkins, and Sam Harris. It addresses the issue of Islamaphobia, and sexism. It couldn't have been more off the mark, if it tried.

No one wants to be the guilty one, we all want to think our point of view is the right one, but it was wrong, we are all wrong at times, and that's important, and I'll explain why.

I am a white woman, one who can't and wont tell minorities what is and isn't racist. Why? Because I can't determine from a white privileged point what will, or will not hurt someone when I have no perspective on what they have been through. That is why this post by a white male, who has not had to live out sexism, in America has no place telling women when something is or isn't sexist. Most of the time men think their words don't have an effect when the name call women, but they do, and some words specifically are used to keep women "in their plac…

Donald Trump and the Crazy Train that is now the Republican Party

If you, like me, were alive for the Bill Clinton Administration, then you know where this all began. For those of you too young, you need to understand some important history. Let's head back to my childhood, and I'll take you on a journey.

It was shortly after Bill Clinton got into the White House that much controversy struck. Republicans hated the man with charisma, who seemed to charm the American vote. What they hated more was is pant suit wearing, highly educated, baking pies isn't for me, wife. She wasn't the traditional first lady, with reading programs, and tea, and entertaining all the wives of foreign leaders. She was instead an ambitious woman, with degrees, and a history of getting things done.

To every Republican who believed women should stay at home and raise the babies, and bake cakes, and look good, she was far from any of that. It was about the time they Jerry Falwell's, and Jim and Tammy Fey Baker, the rise of Focus On The Family, and Answers in…

Periods (In general) are Normal, Natural, and Healthy for a body.

I still see young ladies today facing all the same lack of information I did, and the same stigma, fears, and worries. With that in mind, I decided to write some tips down that may help some of you. Periods aren't easy, and they can be messy, but they aren't necessarily bad things. So I'm going to go over some tips to help.

1. How to know if your period is normal? A period should come every 21-23 days, depending on your body. That makes your cycle 28-30 days. You can mark the calendar and check, sometimes it's good to keep track, in case you need to see a doctor.

2. The average length of a period is 5 days, give or take a few. It's important to note here some ladies are steady 7 days. Some only get three or four days. If your period is going longer than 7 days, or shorter, and coming every few months, you need to see a Gynecologists, this can be a sign of some kind of abnormality, and many women have faced those as well, including myself.

3. Tampons and pads. It&#…

#BernieOrBust the Cult of Bernie!

There is an ugly place in all of us, one where we hide things, like a junk drawer. Things that we might have been taught as a kid, or learned along the way. A garbage dump of memories, where all the negative things we learned in our society hides. Some of us know it's there, and we use it to help guide us away from being those bigoted, sexist, racist people who we have seen cluttering the horizon of our world, others have extracted tidbits and used them along the life we lead.

You might be tempted to dismiss the fact that the Sanders movement became a religion, bu it did. You might be tempted to say that it isn't littered with sexism, but it is. The cult of Sanders is one of the worst, second only to the cult of Trump.

As long as it was only men trying to be president, the world was safely in the hands of male sexism, chauvinism, and men were happy to keep it that way. Along comes Hillary Clinton, and all of her womanhood and the lies that must be believed about her. After al…

Donald Trump's Toxic America. Welcome to the Idiocracy.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen to firebrand America, where stupid is king, and everyone wants to be a cowboy. You know, those guys that ride horses, with the hemorrhoids, and rickets, and lice, and scurvy, who kill innocent animals and people alike. Yep, that's our America. Oh, you meant like the guys from the movies, well, I guess that fits, because America is stupid!

We are so stupid, in fact, that we are willing to elect a man who has bankrupted four companies so far, and has a golf course going into bankruptcy. His schools failed, his steaks failed, his companies have failed, and Billionaire Donald, has been the man behind the failure. Don't let that stop you from voting for him. After all its better than an honest black man who worked his way into Harvard and then taught constitutional law.

Sure Donald has exactly no foreign policy experience, and he seems to find all his wives outside of America, which is a kind of foreign experience. He doesn't know the first thing…

John Kasich, and archaic Anti Abortion Men.

You might have thought Roe V Wade ended the battle between the right of a woman to her own body, and the right of the state to treat her like cattle and tell her what to do with her body, but ladies, we aren't out of the breeding barn yet. At least, not with these narrow minded, knuckle dragging, bilovating, mysognists in offices, and places of power. In fact you might want to buy a gun, and form a vaginal militia, because that's the only way your going to get their attention.

The lies told by anti abortion fascists include, but are not limited to: breast cancer, god hating you, you dying, the soul of an unformed fetus haunting you, and that your going to live with regrets for your life time.

Aren't they trying to help you and protect your health though? Well, if by health you mean, several appointments, being forced to look at what you sincerely want to terminate, driving out of your way, spending your vacation week (If you have it, and trust me, I believe you don'…