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Donald Trump's Toxic America. Welcome to the Idiocracy.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen to firebrand America, where stupid is king, and everyone wants to be a cowboy. You know, those guys that ride horses, with the hemorrhoids, and rickets, and lice, and scurvy, who kill innocent animals and people alike. Yep, that's our America. Oh, you meant like the guys from the movies, well, I guess that fits, because America is stupid!

We are so stupid, in fact, that we are willing to elect a man who has bankrupted four companies so far, and has a golf course going into bankruptcy. His schools failed, his steaks failed, his companies have failed, and Billionaire Donald, has been the man behind the failure. Don't let that stop you from voting for him. After all its better than an honest black man who worked his way into Harvard and then taught constitutional law.

Sure Donald has exactly no foreign policy experience, and he seems to find all his wives outside of America, which is a kind of foreign experience. He doesn't know the first thing…

John Kasich, and archaic Anti Abortion Men.

You might have thought Roe V Wade ended the battle between the right of a woman to her own body, and the right of the state to treat her like cattle and tell her what to do with her body, but ladies, we aren't out of the breeding barn yet. At least, not with these narrow minded, knuckle dragging, bilovating, mysognists in offices, and places of power. In fact you might want to buy a gun, and form a vaginal militia, because that's the only way your going to get their attention.

The lies told by anti abortion fascists include, but are not limited to: breast cancer, god hating you, you dying, the soul of an unformed fetus haunting you, and that your going to live with regrets for your life time.

Aren't they trying to help you and protect your health though? Well, if by health you mean, several appointments, being forced to look at what you sincerely want to terminate, driving out of your way, spending your vacation week (If you have it, and trust me, I believe you don'…

It's Berning In America, And Some Of Us Don't Feel The Bern.

At the start of this election cycle I was going to take it easy, I already had my candidate picked, but was willing to listen to what others had to say. Then it happened, Bernie Sanders called Planned Parenthood, "The establishment." That was all he wrote, for me. I was done, and who was this socialist that was now adding the title "Democrat?' What I found out was not anything to be proud of, or happy about. That's okay, because I am a socialist, but I vote Democrat, and I still refuse to vote for Bernie.

This man, who, for all intents and purposes, seems to have come from the sky on a cloud, and be the second messiah, has been through nothing. 30 years in the senate, and where was his history? I couldnt't find it. Till I went looking. What I found made me angry, mostly with people who say they are democrats, but with their double standards as well.

Bernie Sanders evaded the draft. Not that anyone should be drafted, but we have said forever, if it is good…