Donald Trump's Toxic America. Welcome to the Idiocracy.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen to firebrand America, where stupid is king, and everyone wants to be a cowboy. You know, those guys that ride horses, with the hemorrhoids, and rickets, and lice, and scurvy, who kill innocent animals and people alike. Yep, that's our America. Oh, you meant like the guys from the movies, well, I guess that fits, because America is stupid!

We are so stupid, in fact, that we are willing to elect a man who has bankrupted four companies so far, and has a golf course going into bankruptcy. His schools failed, his steaks failed, his companies have failed, and Billionaire Donald, has been the man behind the failure. Don't let that stop you from voting for him. After all its better than an honest black man who worked his way into Harvard and then taught constitutional law.

Sure Donald has exactly no foreign policy experience, and he seems to find all his wives outside of America, which is a kind of foreign experience. He doesn't know the first thing about law, or negotiations with foreign leaders, or imports, or hell, quite frankly anything about being president. But that hasn't stopped all the cousin humping, trailer trash, and KKK members from grabbing an extra sized meal and their semi automatics and showing their support for the German ancestry having Donald Trump. It has only inspired them to come out more, and put their bed sheets on again in the name of racist bigotry.

It proves how utterly stupid our country has become, when the best we have is a failed TV, reality show, star, who's best line was "You're fired." A man who spent week after week demanding people make him free money, and then show him how much of a success they could be while kissing his arrogant ass on national TV.

Just like the phony Duck Dynasty, who are really Beverly Hills play boys, or the little Honey Boo Boo. We want our government like our TV, where its just Jerry Springer all the time. And I think Donald could make that happen. Next thing you know we are slinging poop at foreign diplomats like moneys and screaming incoherent words into their faces, and yet no one laughs in ours because us morons have the codes to nuclear weapons. Yet we continue down the stupid trail to the point where America is the living Idiocracy, and other nations have to explain to us how stupid we are. Don't worry, it's not the lead in the water, or the tons of unwanted kids, or lower school standards, or racism, it just we chose to be that stupidest nation on earth, with the best access to information and education.

In fact, I am just going to end this here, because if you're voting Donald Trump, you're already too stupid for me to finish this!

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