John Kasich, and archaic Anti Abortion Men.

You might have thought Roe V Wade ended the battle between the right of a woman to her own body, and the right of the state to treat her like cattle and tell her what to do with her body, but ladies, we aren't out of the breeding barn yet. At least, not with these narrow minded, knuckle dragging, bilovating, mysognists in offices, and places of power. In fact you might want to buy a gun, and form a vaginal militia, because that's the only way your going to get their attention.

The lies told by anti abortion fascists include, but are not limited to: breast cancer, god hating you, you dying, the soul of an unformed fetus haunting you, and that your going to live with regrets for your life time.

Aren't they trying to help you and protect your health though? Well, if by health you mean, several appointments, being forced to look at what you sincerely want to terminate, driving out of your way, spending your vacation week (If you have it, and trust me, I believe you don't) trying to achieve the goal of not being a mother, and living in poverty, or with a child you never wanted because of rape, incest, birth control failure, or worse, seems like they care. Not care in the way of actually letting you manage your body, but care in the way of telling you what to do with it. Isn't that what mother state would do? And really isn't the state like a parent? Except when it comes to guns, then its a free for all, and your toddler can even be strapping, right up to the point where they blow your face off, but at least you didn't abort the little rascal.

Hey, lets remember one thing ladies, you are property. Much like the Muslims think you are, and like the cattle in the fields, you are like a bunch of cows, and you just come out of your kitchens, which is like a barn, to vote for John Kasich, and then you go back to being mindless baby producing packets for sperm to enter. After all, your vagina really is a cum dumpster, and you have to deal with what comes out of it.

The recent debate was, is planned parenthood acting like a butcher shop, and selling the meat to the highest payer. Now anyone with sense knows the videos were doctored, and the makers lied, but not hard core Republicans who hate women's right to choose. That's why John Kasich defunded planned parenthood, because they had besmirched their reputation by being lied about, and being caught on film not selling baby parts, but he believes they did, because he wants to and has no facts, and after all, isn't that what matters?

If the truth mattered to John Kasich one bit he wouldn't be anti abortion, but its obvious that only his right wing, fanatical, knuckle dragging, low minded, base matters. All ten of them, and his special interests. The NRA, and the military complex.

Because once you have baby Bastard the fun has begun. You wont have to work for your welfare at first, but as Bastard grows you will, and his schooling will be sub par, just the way Kasich likes it, and then baby Bastard can get a gun, or just get funneled right into prison, which Ohio has for profit prisons, we also have cheap and stupid schooling so your Bastard can grow up to be a mindless wonder of low education and work in what few factories are left in Ohio, or just take the easy train right to prison for life.

So back to your breeding pens, ladies. We don't want you breaking some eggs while you decide what to do with whore vagina that seems to be able to go out at night without your help and screw every man on the planet. If only you could somehow control your rancid sperm hole. No, don't even mention birth control, or putting unwanted kids up for adoption, this is a republican Ohio, we will have none of that sense running around our state, thank you!

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