The Problem with Anti-Vacciers, and their stupidity about vaccines.

      During a time when exposure to viruses like the measles and mumps, America took a stand and called on everyone to vaccinate their children. In fact, being in public school, meant, you had to show proof of vaccination. It was so successful that two things happened. The first is that we stopped worrying about people getting them so much, and we got healthy enough that some people challenged vaccines for various reasons.

The reason for the anti-vacc hysteria was all due to one scientist who abandoned his moral ethics for a lump of cash, and claimed that vaccines caused autism. After hearing this, many concerned parents stopped vaccinating their kids, and the fire spread. Suddenly people were looking to blame vaccines for almost everything. 

The effects of vaccinating the whole of a population was that diseases that had killed 4-500 people per year, like measles, and hospitalized 38,000, was not only a reduction in the number of cases of deaths, but infections. It was just shy of being eradicates from the population. Then along came the people who claim that the mercury in vaccines was causing the autism.

People who are anti vaccine, are irrational individuals. Ones who believe that the government is covering it up, that vaccines cause autism, claim there are other things in vaccines, and all sorts of random conspiracy theories. They stand by their ideas, and won't relent even when evidence and facts are presented. 

So what is the evidence?  There are over 111 studies showing no relationship between vaccines and autism. The science is in, and it was all made up hysteria. But that hysteria has done worse things, it has reintroduced Measles and Mumps to the population. Not only are the ones who weren't vaccinated likely to get it, but just like they told us in the days of my youth, those who were vaccinated can still get it, but to a lesser degree.

Now deaths are back on the rise, and people are seeing the horrible outbreaks from coast to coast. Things like Chicken Pox, Measles and Mumps, which were almost gone, are making a come back, and humanity is not better off for it. Instead we are worse off. Because all the deaths we had prevented, all the people that had been saved, now have a second chance given to the virus, to eliminate them.

It is sad to see, that the level of care for other human beings has reached such an all time low, that we don't think about herd immunity. That is, if you inoculate all of the members of a species, within an area, the chances of keeping the whole herd from getting the thing you vaccinate against are so much better. Suddenly, everyone becomes safer. But stop even a few of those from getting vaccinated and viruses do what they do best. They take advantage of the situation, and spread, like wild fire. Since we are such a highly exposed population and we interact with each other, in stores, and expose one another to our viral pathogens, it's not long before you have a full fledged outbreak with the potential to cripple a nation.

All of this thanks to people who think that the mercury in one ML of solution injected in their child has the potential to cause a neurological disease. If the Mercury is one part per million, then you aren't likely to have more than 1UM and that would probably be less than the mercury level in a fish caught in Lake Erie. And while eating too much of them is problematic, one fish still wouldn't do you any harm.

Now, we face a problem of huge proportions. People who think that questioning common sense and rationality is the way to go, and being suspicious of the real science is their duty, but they won't listen to the rational argument, which is, we have the evidence to prove everything they think to be true is wrong. Science has gone over vaccines with a fine tooth comb and what they have found, is there is no relationship between vaccines and autism, but if you want to find out where there is a relationship between environment, genetics and autism, then click the word Autism.

It is time for America to stop trying to become a third world nation, and start working towards being the leader in sensibility. Vaccinations exist because they are good for the whole of the population. Even if you are one of the unlucky few to have a reaction to a vaccine, you are less likely to be that than one of the 38,000 who are hospitalized from complications due to viral infection, you are less likely to be one of the 4-500 who died of complications due to viral infection, you are less likely to become sterile and suffer scars from the virus.

As for the idea that, after exposure, you have a life long immunity, well, first you have to life through a painful and horrible experience, and then you build the T cells that have a life long memory, but sometimes the virus leaves secondary issues that medicine can't prevent. So, the best method is to never get the virus in the first place, and that means you should be vaccinated. Not just for you, but for everyone around you.

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