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Sexism and the Atheist Movement

About a week or so ago I saw a post on  Facebook from a fellow atheist on the subject of Richard Dawkins, and Sam Harris. It addresses the issue of Islamaphobia, and sexism. It couldn't have been more off the mark, if it tried.

No one wants to be the guilty one, we all want to think our point of view is the right one, but it was wrong, we are all wrong at times, and that's important, and I'll explain why.

I am a white woman, one who can't and wont tell minorities what is and isn't racist. Why? Because I can't determine from a white privileged point what will, or will not hurt someone when I have no perspective on what they have been through. That is why this post by a white male, who has not had to live out sexism, in America has no place telling women when something is or isn't sexist. Most of the time men think their words don't have an effect when the name call women, but they do, and some words specifically are used to keep women "in their plac…