Sexism and the Atheist Movement

About a week or so ago I saw a post on  Facebook from a fellow atheist on the subject of Richard Dawkins, and Sam Harris. It addresses the issue of Islamaphobia, and sexism. It couldn't have been more off the mark, if it tried.

No one wants to be the guilty one, we all want to think our point of view is the right one, but it was wrong, we are all wrong at times, and that's important, and I'll explain why.

I am a white woman, one who can't and wont tell minorities what is and isn't racist. Why? Because I can't determine from a white privileged point what will, or will not hurt someone when I have no perspective on what they have been through. That is why this post by a white male, who has not had to live out sexism, in America has no place telling women when something is or isn't sexist. Most of the time men think their words don't have an effect when the name call women, but they do, and some words specifically are used to keep women "in their place."

Men call women sensitive, over reacting, crazy, bitch, psycho, say shes just being emotional, or making something big out of nothing. They have this way of letting us know they put no value on our words, our hurt, our pain, or what we are desperately trying to tell them might have done some damage.

This is why you have women getting stabbed for refusing to give out their number, or go on a date. Men think us women aren't logical, rational, and are only emotionally driven. They are WRONG! Women can make a rational argument and still get told they are fat or ugly, or even stupid. Especially in arenas of logic where men think other men should be the leaders and women, the emotional women, should just be sitting quietly and learning. Even if we have the same level of education, understanding, and outright personal perspective.

That is why no white privileged male should be telling women when something is or isn't sexism. They should be listening to women, because, we, after all know our feelings best, but we are also very aware of what sexism is, and how it does and doesn't work. We don't need men to tell us when to be offended or when not to be, and really we don't care if you think it was sexist, we know when it was sexist. The fact is, men have gotten to talk to women any old way for hundreds and thousands of years. We have had to just take it for that long, and when we finally speak up, men try and shut us down.

It was your fathers, your grandfathers, you uncles, male cousins, and male members of our society who enforced this on women, and just because you believe you're being a good feminist male, doesn't mean you are. Not when you're doing the talking for us, and not listening to us.

Minority groups get to tell you what you did wrong, you don't get to tell them that you didn't and in a culture full of sexism, bigotry, and hate, maybe you are wrong, and maybe you need to face it so we can stop calling you out on being unaware, and selfish because you've always had the upper hand, and refused to acknowledge that others got hurt because of it.

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