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Donald Trump and the Crazy Train that is now the Republican Party

If you, like me, were alive for the Bill Clinton Administration, then you know where this all began. For those of you too young, you need to understand some important history. Let's head back to my childhood, and I'll take you on a journey.

It was shortly after Bill Clinton got into the White House that much controversy struck. Republicans hated the man with charisma, who seemed to charm the American vote. What they hated more was is pant suit wearing, highly educated, baking pies isn't for me, wife. She wasn't the traditional first lady, with reading programs, and tea, and entertaining all the wives of foreign leaders. She was instead an ambitious woman, with degrees, and a history of getting things done.

To every Republican who believed women should stay at home and raise the babies, and bake cakes, and look good, she was far from any of that. It was about the time they Jerry Falwell's, and Jim and Tammy Fey Baker, the rise of Focus On The Family, and Answers in…

Periods (In general) are Normal, Natural, and Healthy for a body.

I still see young ladies today facing all the same lack of information I did, and the same stigma, fears, and worries. With that in mind, I decided to write some tips down that may help some of you. Periods aren't easy, and they can be messy, but they aren't necessarily bad things. So I'm going to go over some tips to help.

1. How to know if your period is normal? A period should come every 21-23 days, depending on your body. That makes your cycle 28-30 days. You can mark the calendar and check, sometimes it's good to keep track, in case you need to see a doctor.

2. The average length of a period is 5 days, give or take a few. It's important to note here some ladies are steady 7 days. Some only get three or four days. If your period is going longer than 7 days, or shorter, and coming every few months, you need to see a Gynecologists, this can be a sign of some kind of abnormality, and many women have faced those as well, including myself.

3. Tampons and pads. It&#…