Donald Trump and the Crazy Train that is now the Republican Party

If you, like me, were alive for the Bill Clinton Administration, then you know where this all began. For those of you too young, you need to understand some important history. Let's head back to my childhood, and I'll take you on a journey.

It was shortly after Bill Clinton got into the White House that much controversy struck. Republicans hated the man with charisma, who seemed to charm the American vote. What they hated more was is pant suit wearing, highly educated, baking pies isn't for me, wife. She wasn't the traditional first lady, with reading programs, and tea, and entertaining all the wives of foreign leaders. She was instead an ambitious woman, with degrees, and a history of getting things done.

To every Republican who believed women should stay at home and raise the babies, and bake cakes, and look good, she was far from any of that. It was about the time they Jerry Falwell's, and Jim and Tammy Fey Baker, the rise of Focus On The Family, and Answers in Genesis came about. America had its sexual liberties in the 60's and those that didn't became the religious right, and were hell bent on sending America back to the 50's before women wore pants, stood up for equality on the job, were single mothers, and didn't need men to take care of them. Hillary was an icon of the 60's when women burned their bra's and rebelled against to idea of male oppression in the work place, had sex out of marriage, and didn't need a sugar daddy.

Flash forward, and watch years of collecting money, rounding up sympathizers, and attacking the forward movements that had been made in this country. What you  get is Donald Trump running for president. With all the vitriol and hate that one can jam in a campaign. There's a good reason for that. All the men who are in their 70's remember a time when minorities were second class, and women were third. They remember days when women did as they were told, and minorities did too. This for white men, and only white men, was the best time in their history. They had the money, the power, and they thought it meant respect. What it meant was everyone else was miserable.

These same men want to go back to that time. They didn't fail to teach their sons and daughters that same idea either. They want to go back to a time when black and white didn't mix, let alone marry. A time when women needed men because they couldn't earn enough for a fancy living, or run a corporation. A time when religion ran this country with an iron fist, and the death penalty was rampant.

This is the origin of the crazy mess that is now bubbling over in public, in Donald's rallies. It's not that Hillary was ever really crooked, it was that she was a slap in the face to establishment politics. She wasn't doing corrupt things, but as a woman they could only accuse her of everything, and men would believe them because she was a woman who refused to know her place.

The crazy, anti abortion, anti feminism, anti equality people now plaguing the Republican party are the consequence of 25 years of hate for all the forward movement in this nation. Since the civil rights, and then women fighting their oppression full on, these white men have gown angry. Don't worry Donald is part of that crowd. White business men who played by their own rules, who could say and do anything. Men who had money and power because of it. Men who saw women as possessions, and thought they owned them. Donald is at the heart of everything this group was.

Though some of his statements have had liberal tones in the past, it was because it benefited him. Hiring undocumented labor as how his casino got built, using people cheaply and skating off not paying the bills was just more of his white, rich privilege.

The crazy mess you see today is a consequence of Liberals having not fought harder after the racists left the party in the 60's. That was a blow to the core of the party, and when the south went Right, and the weakening of the party has taken till now to wear off. At first people took for granted the amount of power the right was amassing. Now that it's clear their intentions have gone from very bad, to straight evil, Democrats are finally uniting to stop the madness.

Maybe, we can turn the crazy train around, maybe. But this won't end overnight. We have to reach into the depths of the madness and expose it to the light. We have to educate the ignorance out of America and fight for a new day, own with inclusion and equality on the agenda. We can't hide and be guilty any more, because the future depends on us owning what has happened, and moving forward from it. To stop this insanity it is going to take the strong unity of those with forward thinking minds, all of us. We will have to work relentlessly. 

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