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Charles Darwin and Great Leaps in Science.

Darwin was responsible for one of the greatest discoveries in scientific history. He and others like him, that were true explorers moved the future ahead by leaps and bounds in with their discoveries. I wanted to take this opportunity and go over some of those, so the next time you are up against a creationist you can refute their lack of logic quickly, and if you love Science, you're about to rediscover why.

In 1838 Darwin boarded the HMS Beagle. He did not just go to the Galapagos islands. What he did do is journey around the globe. He spent a lot of time in South America moving through tropical areas and studying the species. The Beagle stopped at many places to explore and discover, on a five year adventure. He was brought on the Beagle as the geologist, but after four months the naturalist left the ship so Darwin took his place. This worked out well for the natural explorer and curious mind of Darwin. He spent many hours just exami…

Letter To A Muslim Nation

Letter to a Muslim Nation

Just in case you felt left out by Sam Harris in his book, I thought it was time someone gave you a well deserved lecture. The world around you is tired of you trying desperately to convert us all. Your not some fantastic religion we just can't live without. Your bullying and threatening tactics are getting old and so there are a few things I want to say.

If there was an almighty god, why would he need his messenger to be an illiterate who went into a cave? If he is so all powerful why could he not talk to someone who could at least write, and didn't have to kill hundreds of people to get money, so he could promote the future religion Islam? Also why did that guy seem to change his story left and right? Do you guys really just ignore these facts, or are you like Christians and skip to the parts that make you feel good?

How is it that if one prayer in one thousand is answered you consider it a miracle, even if that was a guy who got a job. Do you real…
Evolution, why is it so hard to understand?

You would think talking to a religious person that you just found a foreign language that stumps them. It seems like a flawed and impossible thing to have happened. Just talk to a creationist. Their questions will always go to the same standby. "How did life start?" "How can something come from nothing?"

If you have ever been in a biology class you can pick out the creationists, they are the ones in a hurry to get through the course, and not really learn anything from it. In fact if you ask them about biology shortly after, they will not have much to say. That is because they went home and wiped their slate clean, and filled in every blank with god did it. It is a chore to combat this kind of ignorance.

The problem with most religious people is that we are right. They say around one hundred years ago the Republicans were for science. Probably hoping we would find god with science. Yet science does not care one way or th…

Rape Sanctioned By The State, and Abuse!!!

Rape sanctioned by the state, and Abuse!!

I was just going to write about how state have decided to invade a woman's body without permission. I was just going to talk about how it constitutes rape. I was only going to tell you how horrible it must be to be victimized several times in one visit to the doctor. Now that the Republicans have vetoed the anti-violence bill, I will have to speak about it. There is no way I am letting that one slip by, not without the world asking themselves what a set of dumb asses we have in Washington DC.

I am not going to make it a point to cuss here, but I am livid. First a woman must be penetrated vaginally against her will and then shown a fetus for many reasons she can not keep. Weather it be from an abusive relationship, or she is too young, or she has a very hard life and can't take care of it. I know all the other sides rhetoric, don't have sex, don't get pregnant. Be realistic, even in the best circumstances birth control fails. S…
Smart, Sexy, and Atheist. Yep that is me.

Is there anything more sexy than a bright mind. I say no. In fact the more knowledge you have the more I am attracted to you. For me it is like some smart gravitational force. That is the way it goes, and it seems to be a new trend. Women and men are tired of people who can't hold a conversation. They want to feel stimulated in the brain as well as other parts.

Since the women's rights movement, women have been more empowered. They have sought higher education. They have taken on higher roles in corporations, and gained a fair share of control. Now they are becoming atheists at higher rates. We did not just come out of the kitchen. We then threw off the shackle's  of oppression and brightened our minds. We got stronger, smarter, and less needy for the support of even an imaginary man.

Now we seem to have made enemies in the Rethug camp. Just because we choose to work, to control our bodies, and worst of all think for ourselves. Wh…
Why Atheism is not a religion and never will be.

First off religion has a central dogma. It has a deity and usually some horrific book full of tales that would be considered to extreme for children if written anywhere else. Next you have the laws that are found in the book. Things you should and should not do. Most of the do not do things happen to be fun, and the things you are allowed to do are tedious and boring. Those are the most important tenants of any religion.

Atheism lacks all of those. There is no book to guide us, though religious people say Darwins book does. Now if you have ever read Origin of Species, then you know it is just detailed about how evolution works. At no point does Darwin go off on some dogmatic rant about how we need to evolve. So we have no book. We also do not have a leader. Some people try to say we all go to the church of Richard Dawkins. Well that would be hard since the only preaching he does is about how science works and how we should be critical …
I am an Atheist and I know why you hide.

It is not easy being an atheist. One look at Richard Dawkins books and you can see why they sell, not only because of controversy, but the amount of astounding and true facts in them. Yet when it comes to most atheist signs and symbols we tend to hide them. Then just one look on Facebook, and you will notice how many avatars, and symbol pics there are in the place of photos because people are hiding themselves. Some people do it to say they are an atheist, and some hide behind it for fear.

In a world where about 80% of the total population believes that there is some sort of deity, it is hard for the other 20% to find a place to fit in. We all know that much of our lives are governed by the dogma's even if it is against our will. Yet we are helpless most of the time to speak out. The fear of public retribution, hate, and fear of death quickly pushes thinking atheists into silence. Even in countries where there is secular law in place there…
You can call me militant, and I will call you irrational.

One of the big points of the Rally this weekend was the new term being throw around, militant. Another being tossed out is religion. So let me tell you about militant atheists.

Being a militant I speak my mind. I spend plenty of hours studying various religions. I read lots of books. I look over new scientific discoveries, and I save those mentally for my encounters with religious minds. Minds that I often find are not as sharp as mine. Yet as an atheist I have standards. I want to know what I believe and why, so when I speak out I am educated, though I can be wrong sometimes.
Another thing about my militancy, I speak my mind. I am not afraid to tell people that worshiping a homicidal, genocidal, woman hating and perverse, twisted god makes them look ignorant. After all this is the same god who impregnated a virgin to save the world from his wrath, so that he would not destroy the world. God the son was born to the world to di…

I AM Woman Hear My Godlesness.

I am woman hear my godlessness.

They say women atheists are on the rise, yet not fast enough. At least in my opinion. Rick Santorum has way to much support for a vagina hating candidate. In fact I am quite offended by him and his fellow Republicans constantly attacking my rights as a woman, but to be more precise my vagina.

Lets face it, they are not just after me. If they were it would be about what I do as a woman. The studies I do, the job I work or the care I give. No, they have attacked me on the one thing I can not help but be. They have attacked me on a part of my body, and a very vital part. This is the thanks I get for paying more taxes than them. It is the thanks I get for the mess they have made in DC and all over the United States. In fact not one relevant issue has been discussed so far. The only thing Republicans are talking about is vaginas.

A young lady testified in front of congress about her need for contraceptives. She quoted the price of 3000.00$ per year for birth…

My Godless Vagina

My Godless Vagina.

By: Rachel Johnson

Let it be known from here forward that my vagina has never had a personal relationship with god. Any god, ever. In fact my vagina has no clue why any god is so worried about it. It seems to me my vagina is just fine. I don't want your god in my vagina. I don't want your religion in my vagina. Most of all I don't want you telling me what to do with my godless vagina.

My vagina was not issued by the state. I did not go to any office to pick it up. I did not have it ordered, or licensed. I was born with it. There is no bureaucrat in my vagina, and I assure you there is no room for one. In fact there is no doctor in there, there is no lawyer in there, and that is the way I want to keep it. I don't want you putting your religious laws into practice governing my vagina. She is fine, without you and certainly without your god.

My godless vagina has been fine for all these years without someone forcing their beliefs on it. It has worked…

Reason Rally 2012

Reason Rally

Don't let anyone tell you that the rally was less than a success. People were amazing today. The American Atheists held a wonderful rally, with people from all over the planet presenting, and tweeting. So let me tell you about the reality of this event.

Imagine around twenty thousand people standing in the rain. Coming out to stand up for something they may otherwise hide. Today the closet door swung wide open and atheist walked out. After all homosexuals have been coming out, but us atheists were hiding behind them.

I met a lady in the crowd who told me how alone she feels. How she does not understand why people do not come to the conclusion that there is no god. I told her it is because we want that comfort, but us atheist must admit to our need for comfort. We must admit we have been hiding because we are afraid of being seen as monsters, and evil. We hide because we are less trusted than rapists, which is horribly shocking. We hide because people do not want us &…

How moderates are using aggressive tactics to stop Atheists

How moderates are using aggressive tactics to stop Atheists
By: Rachel Johnson 
The word “moderate” sounds like a wonderful thing. It brings images of someone, somewhere in the middle of a flowery meadow frolicking. Yet that is far from the case. In fact moderates are joining forces to systematically shut down the voice of atheists. You may say that it is not likely, and yet they are gaining strength, and making bold moves to place themselves in positions of power. There seems to be a new divide. Moderates are now standing up against who they perceive as “militants”, but are they doing more harm than good. Are the moderates responsible for stagnation and back peddling? In August of 2010 two brothers were beaten to death in the streets of Pakistan. Mughees and Muneeb, were accused by a rival youngster, of having robbed a man. The boys were playing soccer, and were not from that area. Having been accused of the mans robbery, and subsequently his death, the boys were surrounded by a crowd …