Rape Sanctioned By The State, and Abuse!!!

Rape sanctioned by the state, and Abuse!!

I was just going to write about how state have decided to invade a woman's body without permission. I was just going to talk about how it constitutes rape. I was only going to tell you how horrible it must be to be victimized several times in one visit to the doctor. Now that the Republicans have vetoed the anti-violence bill, I will have to speak about it. There is no way I am letting that one slip by, not without the world asking themselves what a set of dumb asses we have in Washington DC.

I am not going to make it a point to cuss here, but I am livid. First a woman must be penetrated vaginally against her will and then shown a fetus for many reasons she can not keep. Weather it be from an abusive relationship, or she is too young, or she has a very hard life and can't take care of it. I know all the other sides rhetoric, don't have sex, don't get pregnant. Be realistic, even in the best circumstances birth control fails. Sometimes rape happens, incest happens. But lets violate the victim. Lets re-rape her. Lets make sure she suffers what happened to her and then suffers guilt for it. Lets not make anything easy on women, after all, we are just walking vagina's.

The worst and most infuriating part of this is, that a woman who has this done to her will fear to speak out, because the Rush Limbaugh's will be waiting to call her a whore and slut. So she has to be the silent victim of a law that forces her to be raped before she can have an abortion. If you disagree that it is rape, well here is the definition. "physically forced or otherwise coerced penetration – even if slight – of the vulva or anus, using a penis, other body parts or an object". So this law has sanctioned rape, because the women are not allowed to refuse. Want an abortion, better be prepared to get raped first. What is worse is forcing a doctor to rape someone. We can thank Republicans for sanctioning state authorized rape, but it gets better ladies, they are also sanctioning your abuse.

That is right. Today Republicans in Congress shot down the renewal of the anti-violence bill. They stated that it was because of wording in the bill. That wording had expanded to protect illegal immigrants who are being abused. It would have given them citizen status so they were not returned to their home country to face their abuser again. It would offer them protection under the law and help, but they are illegals, and the Republicans hate American women, they must loathe illegal immigrant women. After all she is just the maid, and who cares if her husband beats her every night. If she does not like it she can be deported. Right?

I am not mad, I am furious. I want to know what rock these scum bags crawled out from under so i can make sure they get put back under. Every man who loves and honors his woman should be enraged. This is your mothers, your sisters, your daughters, your aunts, and your cousins. It is your neighbors, and your co-workers, and most of all we are human beings. What will it take for America to stop judging me by my vagina and start judging me by the human being I am. It sickens me that anyone can feel righteous knowing they are forcing women to suffer being beaten and raped. This is what religion does. This is how sick religion is. To condone rape, and abuse, this can only be religion. It is the reason that every day I am proud to be an Atheist.

We can not let this go on. We have to stand up and voice our opinion. This is sick and disgusting, and everyone who is fine with this kind of anti- woman hate and bigotry should be ashamed of them selves, but they are not. Because their floaty sky daddy told them it is fine to treat women like worthless property. Well I am not your property. Your god is not my god. Your sick rank, perverse religion is filled with hate and disgusts me, and I will not let you violate me. So keep your filthy religion and god off me. I vote, and I hope everyone who reads this will too. Vote no for any and every Republican. Lets send the message to Washington that they can all go back under their rock and never come out again.

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