You can call me militant, and I will call you irrational.

One of the big points of the Rally this weekend was the new term being throw around, militant. Another being tossed out is religion. So let me tell you about militant atheists.

Being a militant I speak my mind. I spend plenty of hours studying various religions. I read lots of books. I look over new scientific discoveries, and I save those mentally for my encounters with religious minds. Minds that I often find are not as sharp as mine. Yet as an atheist I have standards. I want to know what I believe and why, so when I speak out I am educated, though I can be wrong sometimes.
Another thing about my militancy, I speak my mind. I am not afraid to tell people that worshiping a homicidal, genocidal, woman hating and perverse, twisted god makes them look ignorant. After all this is the same god who impregnated a virgin to save the world from his wrath, so that he would not destroy the world. God the son was born to the world to die for the sins of man, keeping god the father at bay. Now god the son asked god the father to not kill him, but instead god the father said it had to be done. Then god the father was really pissed when god the son was killed. Some bones walked the streets and the temple veil was ripped open. That was okay though it would later give Hitler a good reason to murder six million people. If that is the god you are worshiping, and what I said seems a bit crazy, well try believing it.

The big difference between militant atheist and militant Christian or Muslim is this; We have never bombed an abortion clinic. None of us ever organized planes to go into towers. We did not spend the middle ages burning people at stakes, instead we were burned for thinking. We did not force conversions at the edge sword, but were forced to convert or placed under house arrest for, once again thinking. Militant atheists do not quote hateful verses from an old and genocidal book as a reason to hate gays, or various races. We don't use old books to oppress women in glorified tents,in one hundred degree weather saying that if we see one ounce of skin it may make all men lose their minds and go on a raping spree.

What it means to be a militant atheist is just this. It means to be educated, and spend your life combating ignorance. It means to stand up against injustice, and to speak out for a better world. So if my militants bothers you, then I must be doing something right. It means I must be in your face about something you are doing wrong.

I don't feel the need to end religion as a militant, if you chose to be ignorant to the facts of science, and want to follow an old and horror filled, sexist book then by all means go ahead. But don't bring it into our schools. Don't fill your kids heads with propaganda, they are not property and just because you are closed minded does not mean they have to be. Don't put your symbols in my public offices, and ask for your mythical figures to have a place in science class. Don't try to force your religious doctrine on my body, and don't tell gay people they are ruining marriage when you have already made a mockery of the institution.

When you can see past your dogmatic mindset to let the rest of us be happy and free from your delusions I will stop being militant. One thing I can say about my militancy is that it has never led me to use automatic weapons on anyone to force my beliefs. So I will keep being a militant. I will continue to be educated, and work hard to stop your dogma, for as long as it takes to get your religion out of every corner of my society and back where it belongs, with all the other delusions in your head.

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