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You want Protest Birth Control, Why Don't We Protest Your Birth's?

You have to love it when hundreds of simple minded people show up to protest being forced to pay for birth control on insurance plans. The irony is so off the chart, I simply don't know where to begin. So I will just break it down for you.

The average birth costs around five thousand dollars, and that is if everything goes great. If it doesn't and you have to have a c-section then the cost goes up to about twenty thousand. If the child is born early, by c-section or regular birth the cost can be as much as two hundred thousand dollars. (I know this because it happened to a friend of mine) yet no one was offended when insurance rates went up the next year for the whole company. No one turned to the mother of this child and said, "Thanks." Instead they attributed it to the higher risk and climbing costs of insurance and inflation. So birthing kids gets a pass, when it is horribly expensive.

The average doctor visit is around two hundred dollars for a woman seeking bir…

Arranged Marriage: What does love have to do with it?

A recent article in The New York Times highlighted the new wave of suicides taking place. While men seem satisfied with their part of the marriage, the women are saddened by their life sentence of marriage. While the blame is being placed on a new show coming from Turkey, clearly there is more to it than that. Young girls are taking their lives, and their doing it with guns. One girl shot herself in the abdomen with her brothers gun, in a serious suicide attempt. She tried to lie to her father about knowing if the gun was loaded, but he knew the truth. Now he promises he will not force her to go back to her husband, but hopes she will.

It may seem less than shocking to some people used to this culture , but even a sociologist will explain this is extreme behavior for women to be using guns to kill themselves. Many women normally use pills as a method of suicide, since they would rather be left with their beauty, even in death, so when the guns come out, something has gone terribly w…

Group think: Can we ever escape it?

I was speaking on this topic in an article the other day. We as a society tend to follow trends. Even if our initial thinking was to avoid or abstain from one trend or another, it quickly becomes difficult. Society is built on the very basis of conformity. We can all get along better if we agree. This same mentality that works towards our aid and comfort can be destructive when perpetuated on the masses as an ideological doctrine. Questioning and defiance have their place in society, even if we tend to look down upon it.

Some of the greatest changes in our history have come from men and women who did not conform. When Galileo said the earth was not the center of the universe and that it rotated around the sun, the church was enraged by this. He dared to challenge the idea that everything was set in motion with the aid and comfort of man in mind. He is just one example.

When the Internet was created it shocked the world. Suddenly you could talk to people close by without a phone, and …

Divide, Conqure, and Convert: The reality of Islam

There is a wide spread trend in Islam, and among Muslims alike. It is the mindset of divide, conquer and convert. It is a tactic all religions use, but in Islam it is the hand feeding of false information is a course in conversion tactics not even used by the Christians. So why is this so dangerous?

Many young people seeking comfort can be easily swayed to follow the group, if it means they will no longer be alone. It is the group think, or group mentality. This is essential for Muslims and Islam, appealing depressed youth who are in danger of substance abuse, or suicide. These are easy targets for the mental games that are played in the religious world. It utilizes the weakness and needy nature of confused teens, and youth alike searching for comfort.

This type of programming appeals to the need for power and change in their lives, and can be as equally destructive as any drug or gang. The reason it is such a tremendous threat is that clinging to the dogma, while suffering from depr…