Divide, Conqure, and Convert: The reality of Islam

There is a wide spread trend in Islam, and among Muslims alike. It is the mindset of divide, conquer and convert. It is a tactic all religions use, but in Islam it is the hand feeding of false information is a course in conversion tactics not even used by the Christians. So why is this so dangerous?

Many young people seeking comfort can be easily swayed to follow the group, if it means they will no longer be alone. It is the group think, or group mentality. This is essential for Muslims and Islam, appealing depressed youth who are in danger of substance abuse, or suicide. These are easy targets for the mental games that are played in the religious world. It utilizes the weakness and needy nature of confused teens, and youth alike searching for comfort.

This type of programming appeals to the need for power and change in their lives, and can be as equally destructive as any drug or gang. The reason it is such a tremendous threat is that clinging to the dogma, while suffering from depression can cause youth to act irrationally in defense of their dogma. It also appeals to their feeling of weakness, giving them a false sense of security and power, which can lead to hostility. It has been studied and shown that religion can be linked to violence when it is deemed to be divinely commanded.

The divide method makes youth feel like they are part of a sub group, or not really part of any group, due to their lack of religion. This mentality of not belonging draws on the evolutionary need to be part of a group or pack. It creates the illusion that going along with group think will lead to more happiness, and that less stress will exist if they are part of a positive conformity. It endangers the ability of youth to do independent thinking, and crucial questioning.

The conquer method is to destroy the credibility of all other beliefs, and cultural practices. By creating the image of superiority and higher authority, then adding unverifiable credibility, many people often fall victim to the lies that plague religion. When a statistic or number given for conversions, or "credible" authorities is given, it often supersedes what is possible by two to three times. For instance saying that 600,000 people convert to Islam every year. With 7 billion people in the world it would only take Islam 1166 years to have every one on the planet converted. You may say, well this is a significant amount of time. Islam has existed for 1400 years already, if these conversion rates had been correct and are, then by now there should be no other religion in the world.

Conversion is a huge tactic, it is one used by almost every religion. Only Jews abstain from this behavior. However; they do allow converts once the conversion process is finished. All other religions work at creating converts with a passion. Many of them go door to door, or take missionary trips to other lands in the name of simply convincing the natives of the land that they are bringing happiness and a way to end poverty, by simply peddling their god to the poor and humble masses, which are often the easiest to convert.

One reality I have faced numerous times is the attempt to convert. I will not say all Muslims are bad people, or that they are evil, their doctrine is, and it is sickening. But these people have been taught since childhood that this is the enlightened way. It is hard to impress upon a corrupted mind that it has been corrupted, and most  attempts eradicate the dogmatic view fail.

The problem of religion is the victim mentality, and the justification of conversion by sequestering young minds whom are not yet fully developed. Once young minds have been robbed from freethinking it is significantly difficult to get them back to complex thought. Imagine believing that your deity has magical powers, and the complexity of life can be explained by smoke and mirrors. Imagine believing that someone who worries what you do with your sexual organs being in charge of the creation of proton pumps inside of cells. It is almost unimaginable to conceive the leaps that must be taken to believe that a man with a stick can cause the waters of a sea to part, yet many Christians believe this very thing. They never question the method, or means. They simply believe without questioning, and when they do this, it stops further reasoning from penetrating the mind.

Imagine believing that your ancestors walked with the most fierce beasts that ever existed, with no consequences of nature. Think what denial must exist to actually believe that somehow humans could have lived alongside enormous fighting beasts with teeth two foot long, and never suffer death and annihilation at the mouths of these monsters.

Islam has an answer for everything, including the why's and where's of science, even if they are willing to use manipulated verses, and conjured ideas. Having lived some 1400 years ago and speaking with rich merchants Mohammad would have been exposed to educated minds, which may explain some of the verses that are found in the Quran. But they are not close enough to be considered actual science. In fact they lack much to be called actual science. They are a good replication of science on the part of an illiterate, but anyone with education can see right through them. This can not be said of the childlike mind that is still forming. Once taught to accept this as literal truth, it created a barrier against reality, and further makes honest education harder to achieve.

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