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Free Speech And The Silence Movement In 2014

It is one of the fundamental values we take for granted every day. From our favorite football team, to that ice cream we don't like, to speaking out about corruption government and corporations. Free speech is everywhere, but so is the silence that is falling around it. While it may not be good to go around offending people, that can't always be said, and even if you don't like it, free speech isn't free if we don't all have the same access to it.

Let me start out by explaining. Free speech is not consequence free speech. It is far from that. The language you choose to use, and the things you say can prevent you from ever getting a job in your specific field. It can make you have to go to court. It can cost you time, it can get you fame. It can bring you up, and it can throw you down.

Some examples of this are the GOP, who have systematically attacked women and their right to their own sexual organs. Rush Limbaugh who has called women "Sluts" and accused…