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I was good without god, before I knew I needed to be. Now prove you're good with them.

Does it seem like an utter hypocrisy to have to prove that you are good without the need of a divine figure manipulating you with guilt to have to be a kind person. The whole ideal of being manipulated into being good, says you wouldn't be good if you weren't forced, and since when is coercion a solution to anything. It seems when Christians think that their god is taking a nap, or looking the other way, they are getting up to all sorts of nasty things anyway. So who really needs to do the proving?

Obviously, it is not us. Who are we proving it too, besides the same people who are bigoted against us. They call us Satan worshipers, exclude us from public office, try every chance they get to infringe upon our social liberties and freedom from religion. This is who we say we have to impress with our sainthood, more saintly than their own saints. Which, by the way, many of them were blood thirsty murders.

Why must we run around begging for them to see us as human beings? The answ…