I was good without god, before I knew I needed to be. Now prove you're good with them.

Does it seem like an utter hypocrisy to have to prove that you are good without the need of a divine figure manipulating you with guilt to have to be a kind person. The whole ideal of being manipulated into being good, says you wouldn't be good if you weren't forced, and since when is coercion a solution to anything. It seems when Christians think that their god is taking a nap, or looking the other way, they are getting up to all sorts of nasty things anyway. So who really needs to do the proving?

Obviously, it is not us. Who are we proving it too, besides the same people who are bigoted against us. They call us Satan worshipers, exclude us from public office, try every chance they get to infringe upon our social liberties and freedom from religion. This is who we say we have to impress with our sainthood, more saintly than their own saints. Which, by the way, many of them were blood thirsty murders.

Why must we run around begging for them to see us as human beings? The answer is, as I woke up this morning, I am not begging anyone to see me for more than I am, and I don't care to be submissive to their ideologies by playing the role of saint. I am a flawed and utterly normal human being. I have yet to become perfect, and I don't even assume such an ideology really exists in application. So I shouldn't have to prove that I am good without god. I just am.

Look, when I was living by a doctrine, I could excuse my behavior. I was influenced by temptation, the devil made me do it. I am weak, and god understands. I can't help myself. All of it was utter and complete bullshit. I was in need of restructuring my life and taking control. I was a messed up kid who's parents shoveled the bullshit down my throat about how I could make excuses for my abhorrent behavior, because I watched them do it. I could pass the blame because I was taught to, but what I needed was to be in utter control of my life. I needed to make myself stop being a weak minded, wimpy person ready to just let the world walk over me to be like Jesus and then choke down bitterness and hurt and anger. Just present a image that was not me. What I was, when I came out of religion, was just me.

Since I left religion, I know that everything I do is on me. All of it. So if I am a good human being, and help others, it's not for a Jesus complex, but because I genuinely feel for people, who, just like me are flawed and imperfect humans, walking around struggling to survive. Since I am not religious, I actually believe in being more moral. Not condemning people to burn in a pit of fire for being flawed. Instead looking at the flaw and trying to see the source.

How have I changed since I became an atheist? I stopped being a victim of everything. As a religious person I knew, KNEW, that I was born to sin, be wicked, and only begging Jesus over and over would help. Now as an atheist, I take responsibility, say I am sorry, call myself out on my bad behavior, and hold myself accountable. Since there is no higher power, I don't look to one to save me from me. I just tell myself, because I know it is my conscious I hear in my head, that I need to do better than this and be a better person.

I am not, however, doing it to suit Christians or their ideas of me. I don't really care if they think I am good without god, because I know they are not good with him. After all, 80% of the world population is religious, while 99% of the prison population is also religious. That means most of the people who kill, rape, beat their spouses, sell drugs, guns, and do mass shootings are in fact religious people. But that is not all. There is a 60% Divorce rate, and 80% of those are religious people. Then there are those having affairs, and most of those are religious people. So I have no clue why they are finger pointing, when, in reality they should be reflecting on themselves more. Because they seem to be doing the most harm in society, and to the least harmful of us.

So why are they not out there trying to clean up their own messes, fix their bigoted religious leaders. They are also the major source of racism, and hatred, especially of other religious people, non religious people and more is the fact that they make everything they come in contact with tainted with anger, fear and hate. Religious people are some of the worst humans on earth, the most hateful, the most lying and deceptive. They are because they think that they are doing the hate filled work of their bigoted lord and master who was quick to slaughter those who dared to challenge his existence and authority.

The religious didn't just become scary in the 20th century, they have always been scary, because they are bloody evil. These people have spent greater than 2000 years mascaraing anyone and thing that stood in the way of their idol worship. They have committed genocide, they have enslaved people, they have conquered and tortured, and raped and pillaged. They have lied, and cheated, and starved, and beaten people. If it were not for religion, we would have to make other schemes to do these horrible things, elaborate ones,ones with divine figures, which brings us right back to religion.

So no, I dare to say, I won't be trying to prove that I am good without god. I will, however, rub it in their faces, that I am. I will point out all of their sick, twisted, madness, and how they are the ones doing all the horrible things. I won't accept the "No true Scotsman" fallacy either. Meaning that people are not going to tell me, "He's not a true and loving Christian." Bullshit. Have you read your own book? Because, if you have, then it is you that is not the true Christian. Because it demands that you kill people for working on Sunday, that you stone your non virgin daughters, or sell them if they are raped. That person you are saying is not a true Christian, probably is more than you. Face it, if it is just stealing or cheating, then you should have stoned them or cut off their hands. Like Jesus said.

"If any part offends thee, cut it off, lest the whole of you be cast in the fire. If thy eye offend thee, then luck it out, if thy had offend thee then cut it off." (Paraphrased) Jesus....yes that is right, Jesus. He said if you do something wrong, to cut it off. Forgiveness had a place, a place where first you cut off stuff, or pluck out stuff. I mean who can't forgive me if I pluck out my own eye? I am obviously insane enough to pluck out my own eye.

So, the burden of proof is once again where it needs to be, on those making the claim. I do not have to, nor will I, prove that I am a good person to someone who is sitting there with hate and fear in their heart for me, trying to convince me with their bigotry that they are a better person than I am.

Your move Christians, because I am super without your god.

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