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Why Pro lifer's tactics are cruel and Inhumane.

Roe v Wade took so long that the fetus they were going to court over was actually born. When women celebrate the date of the victory, the boy who was born celebrates the fact that decision took so long. When we hear things like that it stirs our emotional connection to our fellow humans. We are biologically programmed to do so, social bonding is part of our biological rhythm.

This has more to do with why some people are pro life, than any religious decision. Basically, we are programmed to desire altruistically to aid our own species. That is why abortion has been misunderstood by those who claim to be pro life. It is also why abortion is a difficult decision, compounded by social guilt, and societal pressure to bare offspring that a person may not be financially, or emotionally, or even psychologically ready for.

What women who need an abortion are facing is one of the most insidious attacks on their choice, just short of taking their choices completely away from them. Roe V Wade ca…