Why Pro lifer's tactics are cruel and Inhumane.

Roe v Wade took so long that the fetus they were going to court over was actually born. When women celebrate the date of the victory, the boy who was born celebrates the fact that decision took so long. When we hear things like that it stirs our emotional connection to our fellow humans. We are biologically programmed to do so, social bonding is part of our biological rhythm.

This has more to do with why some people are pro life, than any religious decision. Basically, we are programmed to desire altruistically to aid our own species. That is why abortion has been misunderstood by those who claim to be pro life. It is also why abortion is a difficult decision, compounded by social guilt, and societal pressure to bare offspring that a person may not be financially, or emotionally, or even psychologically ready for.

What women who need an abortion are facing is one of the most insidious attacks on their choice, just short of taking their choices completely away from them. Roe V Wade can't just simply be overturned, instead they can attack the underlining merits of legal reasoning that women can have an abortion. One of those is, what is life, and how do you determine that. The second way that abortion is being attacked, is by maintaining that the women having the abortion doesn't understand the ramifications, and consequences. It is a sneaky way to say, women aren't educated enough about the choices they are making with their own bodies.

In the process of attacking abortion, women have come under heavy attacks. They have to undergo high levels of humiliation, in the name of education, they have to be probed, quilted, degraded, and made to feel like inhuman murders. What could be worse for a woman already heavily burdened with going against her own biological processes, which is to continue her own genetic offspring.

The worst part is that the attacks know no limit. The heart beat bill introduced, attempted to define life as the moment there is a beating heart. The problem with this is that people who are brain dead can also have a beating heart, and a heart beat does not determine neither life, nor quality of life.

The quality of life, in humans is often dismissed. When it comes to animals we often think of their suffering. When it comes to humans we force them to suffer until their last breath. This isn't exactly pro life as much as it is pro cruelty. When you know that the quality of life will be as bad as it gets, when you know that a human will never know the comforts and luxury of quality life, then why force it to be born, or elongate the suffering process.

One of the down sides of same species sympathy and empathy is that millions of children are born into impoverished conditions, and many of them suffer the consequences, from being child brides, to starvation, to winding up in prison. The lack of empathy for these conditions on the part of pro life people is insidious at best.  They advocate life without responsibility for the outcome of that life, and without regard to the value to any life, including that of the woman. It is completely the opposite of what they claim to intend for life, and the outcome of it. These people have no sense of duty to the value of life, and how we should minimize the suffering and abuse of life, and maximize the quality of the lives that exist. Behind the guise of religion and pro life stirs an inhumane cruelty is just a bunch of people who have no clue what life actually means.

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