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Meghan McCain The Not Hero

Unless you hid from everything that was happening this weekend, you know that McCain's funeral happened Saturday, and that millions were either watching or paying attention. It was around the same time as Aretha's. During the funeral many words of rebuke were spoken about Trump, while many words of the dedication McCain was recognized.

John McCain was across the political isles from me, however, he did care for this nation, and stood by it before his political party. He played a role in the Russia investigation, he stood by Affordable Care, and he fought for this nation which led to his subsequent capture and 5 years inn a prison camp. During his time imprisoned in Vietnam he was tortured.

While I don't agree with who he was, or what all he stood for, or even much of what his life was, I wouldn't show him disrespect in death. I also won't make hero's out of his daughter, or anyone who spoke against Trump during the funeral.

Meghan McCain isn't some strong …

My Time as a writer

In the past I published articles, some of which have errors. I want to go back and correct those, but I find that it would be better going forward. So I have decided that I will instead keep going, and in time make a point to do so. I have had years to reflect on who I was before, and who I am now.

It began with healing, during my growth time I learned my role in a family that isn't healthy, and I was worried what that meant. Was I seeking to lead others, or were others seeking me to lead them. I still don't know, what I do know is that I like many people have a checkered past, its filled with a lot of pain, and things that are wrong. I can no longer be silent about it, or just let it fester under the surface.

I want to write about politics, and life, and all the good, bad, bitter sweet, kind loving things I see in this world. So while I can't promise to be who I was, I can promise who I will be.

Thank you for  reading this, and have the best day. Rachel