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Why Black Racism Isn't A "Thing."

You hear white people say it all the time, "Black people are racist too." It gets so maddening explaining to white people over and over again why black people aren't actually racist. Yet, here I go again, this time I hope I have made it easier to understand. Maybe?

In this era of racial unrest and BLM matter coming to the aid of their fellow people, because they need to, we need to get somethings straight. I am white, and if you are white you need to listen. I live in a predominately minority area, where I, by skin color alone am not trusted. I am often looked at with angry eyes, treated badly, and face rudeness from the black community. Right there you might say, see that's racism. You're wrong, and here's why.

Though they might be angry, and they have every right to be, they have no power. Racism take power to employ, and they don't have it. They are angry because since their ancestors first stepped a shackled foot onto this land, they have endured horr…