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#BernieOrBust the Cult of Bernie!

There is an ugly place in all of us, one where we hide things, like a junk drawer. Things that we might have been taught as a kid, or learned along the way. A garbage dump of memories, where all the negative things we learned in our society hides. Some of us know it's there, and we use it to help guide us away from being those bigoted, sexist, racist people who we have seen cluttering the horizon of our world, others have extracted tidbits and used them along the life we lead.

You might be tempted to dismiss the fact that the Sanders movement became a religion, bu it did. You might be tempted to say that it isn't littered with sexism, but it is. The cult of Sanders is one of the worst, second only to the cult of Trump.

As long as it was only men trying to be president, the world was safely in the hands of male sexism, chauvinism, and men were happy to keep it that way. Along comes Hillary Clinton, and all of her womanhood and the lies that must be believed about her. After al…