#BernieOrBust the Cult of Bernie!

There is an ugly place in all of us, one where we hide things, like a junk drawer. Things that we might have been taught as a kid, or learned along the way. A garbage dump of memories, where all the negative things we learned in our society hides. Some of us know it's there, and we use it to help guide us away from being those bigoted, sexist, racist people who we have seen cluttering the horizon of our world, others have extracted tidbits and used them along the life we lead.

You might be tempted to dismiss the fact that the Sanders movement became a religion, bu it did. You might be tempted to say that it isn't littered with sexism, but it is. The cult of Sanders is one of the worst, second only to the cult of Trump.

As long as it was only men trying to be president, the world was safely in the hands of male sexism, chauvinism, and men were happy to keep it that way. Along comes Hillary Clinton, and all of her womanhood and the lies that must be believed about her. After all, shes a threat to the established rule that its men who lead this country. Not only did her gender not fit, but it went against christian sexism that states women are to be submissive, and not to lead men.

Then came the promise of a revolution, led by a man, and what is better to fend off the threat of a woman leader, than a man who promises to revolutionize America, and make it male led, and full of punishment for the establishment. So, instead of people working to change the system, and taking time out of their TV watching, beer drinking, do nothing lives, they would try to elect a man who could do it, because we all know, a revolution is just one guy elected who can somehow trample the system to death. I'm pretty sure that's a dictator, but lets ignore facts.

Nope, we have to listen to 25 years of republican rhetoric about Hillary, because she's a woman, not a man, if she was a man, then we could question it, but shes not. And much like the ex wife we all love to call a cold bitch, and heartless, we (and by that I mean you, not me) love to see her as what males paint her as, because men are always right. I mean why else would you think "Bro's before hoes?" or "The boys club?"

Now, I bet you're going to say things like, "But there are women supporters of both Trump, and Sanders." Yes and there were both women supporters of women not having the vote, and of other sexist laws. Its natural, if you teach women their place is second to a man, most of them will think its true and what is best, because as your cult shows, not all women get to really think for themselves.

So the "Bernie or Bust" movement came about. A bunch of people who stand by the idea that some revolution is actually taking place. Though it's not. It's not even close. The number of voters for Sanders isn't enough for any revolution to have taken place. There isn't enough winning, and Sanders has failed to make his case, because he doesn't even know the power of the office of President.

Instead he has people who blindly, and religiously follow him, even when he illegally uses campaign funds for a vacation to go to Rome. Even when he refuses to release his finances, even when he doesn't know if he would have the authority of office to do anything about the banks, and he voted for the bill that allowed deregulation of wall street, and voted to defend NRA backed bills which endangered more Americans.

His followers are a kin to Marxists, but without any plans, or knowledge of voting, and how the system of government works. In fact, some of his voters only marked him on their ballot, and left the rest blank, actually doing more harm than good. Because a left leaning president means nothing if hes surrounded by republicans.

Facts don't matter to the Bernie or Bust movement, and nor does actually making America a better place, what does matter is their specific ideology. The idea that they can change everything, and erase the past, and make corporations play fair from day one, with no work or effort by them. Nothing but religious fantasies, not based anywhere near reality.

Forget there are millions of small businesses, forget their are millions of Americans, forget that you need jobs, and that bankrupting all those big corporations means you have no jobs, and busting all those banks means they don't have the secured funding for loans, and that our cars are produced by big corporations. Forget all of reality, and you can get behind the Bernie or Bust movement.

In reality though, toppling all those corporations would mean millions out of work, that would collapse the housing market, and the car industry, and grocery stores. Sure, on paper the idea of doing this looks good, but people have to live and eat, and work. It's part of life.

Instead of trying to topple everything, it would be better to well regulate it, and make sure everyone is paying their fair share. It would be better to raise wages, and demand a cap on CEO pay. If Americans could only look at how they are spending all their money, and be taught to save, and not use credit. If only we could change the minds of Americans to support small business, and cause big business to see that they cant get a good share of the market if they don't play fair. If only we could make America understand that a society is a lot of work, and they need to vote to elect representatives who really do have their best interest at heart, and that everyone should vote.

Republicans, however, have taught you voting doesn't matter, and you bought it, while they were bought in office. You ate every word of the stupidity they sold you, so you think that unless its a revolution your vote doesn't matter, but the same thinking was your demise Bernie or Bust, you didn't think voting mattered, and so.....Bernie is a bust.

Hillary has been lied about for years, and you sat there buying those lies, so I'm glad Bernie didn't make it, because he's not right for America. It's going to take hard work, and dedication for a long time, to get America back to what it was. If you don't vote blue, then you won't ever know how it could have been fixed. You don't get a better country by destroying everything, you get it by doing everything you can to make sure it's fair, and that if people aren't playing fair you'll show up.

It's childish thinking to believe that in a system that's already working the way you made it work, you can revolutionize it by doing nothing.

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