You want Protest Birth Control, Why Don't We Protest Your Birth's?

You have to love it when hundreds of simple minded people show up to protest being forced to pay for birth control on insurance plans. The irony is so off the chart, I simply don't know where to begin. So I will just break it down for you.

The average birth costs around five thousand dollars, and that is if everything goes great. If it doesn't and you have to have a c-section then the cost goes up to about twenty thousand. If the child is born early, by c-section or regular birth the cost can be as much as two hundred thousand dollars. (I know this because it happened to a friend of mine) yet no one was offended when insurance rates went up the next year for the whole company. No one turned to the mother of this child and said, "Thanks." Instead they attributed it to the higher risk and climbing costs of insurance and inflation. So birthing kids gets a pass, when it is horribly expensive.

The average doctor visit is around two hundred dollars for a woman seeking birth control. The new implants for five years without having a baby run around a thousand dollars. Other methods of birth control range from twenty dollars each to about thirty. Plus the woman usually only has to visit once, to ensure things are going well. So the cost can run a few hundred up to a few thousand dollars. It seems kind of expensive, if you look at it, but then compare to this.

A pregnant woman will visit the doctor at least nine times in her pregnancy, unless she is high risk. Then it would be as much as every week, until birth. She will have an ultra sound, sugar levels checked, iron levels, proteins checked. The fetus will be monitored for growth, and abnormalities. So she will receive several tests and other visits along with ones to the doctor. Then there is trips to the hospital for false labor, and eventually the hospital stay.

The cost of all of this would take care of many women and their need for birth control. We are talking thousands of dollars. Just in doctors visits and tests. It is a great cost, and that is if the child is born healthy and normal. If not then there are more costs for all of the visits needed to take care of the ill child. Not to mention some very expensive medicines, of which the insurance company has to shell out tons of money. You can say that the family is paying the cost, but we all know they are not covering the whole burden. No one could, and that is why we have insurance.

Now for the religious side. You may have your standards, but do those go for everyone? Many women who are religious still want access to birth control. It is not only secular women taking the pill, but sensible women who don't feel like birthing machines that take it as well. I don't recall anywhere in the bible that it says, "Be forced to multiply even against your will." I know what it says, but where do you draw the line on being "fruitful?" Does putting women at risk for anemia and cancer sound like a healthy choice? Is it okay to exhaust a woman's body at the expense of yet another child, she may not even want to have?

Where did religion get the idea it has the right to dictate to every woman how to behave, and what to do with her private organs? Because the same sex you are afraid to talk about is the one you want to dictate. It is appalling to see religions dismiss the health and well being of their own members for the greater cause of self righteous indignation in inserting their ideas in another woman's body. That is downright absurd. You think somehow a woman's uterus is the property of the state and allowed to be dictated by law, yet never impose such morally bankrupt dictations on men. It there was a Law forcing men to procreate and then care for the kids they didn't want they would be livid. Well we are livid you think of us as nothing but genitalia.

What happened to the idea that each person was free to choose for them selves what was best for them? Since when do we cater to dogmatic insanity. You want to apply your religious doctrines to the lives and futures of millions of women, without their consent or opinion. This is the rankest form or human cruelty. When the worth of a cluster of cells rises above a fully formed living conscious being, it states that there are no depths to which religion will not sink to dehumanize women. It is bigotry, and degrading to the ultimate degree.

Any self respecting woman should leave the religion telling her that her ovaries and ability to procreate out rank her worth as a human being. It is obscene to realize in one of the greatest nations on earth women are belittled to nothing more than sperm houses for men, and objects of a sexual relationship. This mentality ranks with more dehumanization than any woman should tolerate. I have no respect for women who blindly follow the dictations of dogmatic behavior for their body and their organs. You don't deserve to be second class humans, but if your willing to denigrate your self, then so be it, but don't ask me to go along with your disgusting behavior.

Showing up to protest in Chicago just shows how little you think of women, and your selves. It is about time we got angry and protested you. Why do you feel that it is fine for us to shell out thousands of extra dollars for your kids. Not just in insurance, but in school taxes, and the rebates you get every year if you did not earn enough money. Meanwhile single people and those who choose not to have children do not get such a break even if they don't ear enough. How do you compare apples to apples, when you have all of them. It is greedy and sadistic on the part of the religious to dictate this to women, but what I find most appalling is that the Pope is worried about what I do with my sexual organs, but he is not worried what a bunch of child molesting pedophiles are doing to little kids.

It is time that religion did not get a pass and a special inclusion. You have no right to stand over a woman and make her worth nothing, while you dictate the future of her sexual organs. It sickens me this twisted obsession with sex. The religious need to start worrying more about what priests are doing, and starving people then what I am doing with my body.

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