I am an Atheist and I know why you hide.

It is not easy being an atheist. One look at Richard Dawkins books and you can see why they sell, not only because of controversy, but the amount of astounding and true facts in them. Yet when it comes to most atheist signs and symbols we tend to hide them. Then just one look on Facebook, and you will notice how many avatars, and symbol pics there are in the place of photos because people are hiding themselves. Some people do it to say they are an atheist, and some hide behind it for fear.

In a world where about 80% of the total population believes that there is some sort of deity, it is hard for the other 20% to find a place to fit in. We all know that much of our lives are governed by the dogma's even if it is against our will. Yet we are helpless most of the time to speak out. The fear of public retribution, hate, and fear of death quickly pushes thinking atheists into silence. Even in countries where there is secular law in place there is no guarantee that you will not be harassed. In fact most religious people hate the idea of secularist. They want a choke hold on morality, and until now they have had one.

So it is easy to get lost in the crowd, most of the time. This is where the problem lies. The religious have been chopping away at rational thought, they have been attacking rational debate. They have been going after science, and rights of secular freedom. So our silence has allowed them to become powerful, whiny, manipulative, cruel, determined, indoctrinating, power mongers, that have assumed all control. In this environment it will not take long before science begins to stagnate, and we are back to the struggle of freedom within our own minds.

If you look around you, you will see a reflection of the corrupt nature of religion. It has slowly been poisoning the environment around us, and taking away our liberties. If it were not for all the religious fighting, we would not have homeland security. If it were not for religious people being sure that they are the most special ones, we would not live in fear of what their self delusions can do. In fact the catering to religion has gotten so stank, that even atheists are trying hard to silence other atheist over it. After all someone might get their feelings hurt. Which is a lot worse than thousands or women in horrible tents, being beaten, having acid thrown in their faces or stoned. We should not blame the religious for what the religious are doing? Really? Because it seems to me they seem to be letting the religious do what they are doing, and as long as neither them nor us speaks up it will never change.

So I know why you hide. Because at every avenue there is someone trying to force you to hide. There is someone trying to stop you from making points, and being right. Because at the end of the day you do not want to loose your home, or job, or worse your life. But we must make a stand. After all in silence we can change nothing. So even if it takes surrendering a bit of security for the cause. Even if it takes giving up some comfort, speak your mind. Talk out loud. Read more books and make good points. Make them think. Till now we have been on the offensive, only speak when we must. Now it is time to go on the defensive, and get really ready to say that we will not be treated as second class, or no class citizens. Because even small steps forward matter so much. For those of you in countries where it is dangerous to speak out, I understand your continued silence, and even if you can just speak out about violence or women's rights, you will have done us all some good.

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