Mohammad was just a man and the Quran is Not Science.

Mohammad Was Just A Man, and The Quran is not Science.

1400 Years ago in Medina was a man named Mohammad. He was born to an average mother, and father. He grew up illiterate, and claimed to have talked to god. No one can refute this since he was alone during this time. Perhaps he had listened to the tales from men traveling through, certainly only he knows, but no one speaks from the grave.

He had many wives, his youngest and last being the Aisha. This has caused an uproar in the West, though honestly it is not the first time a man would marry a child too young, or the last. That brings me to my point. Mohammad was just a man.  I know that those who follow the Quran and the Hadith never want to be caught speaking bad of their prophet, but face it he was not perfect. In fact some of the things he did, like have a woman's family killed so he could marry her, were kind of horrible.

His wanting a young bride so she could remember his words, were less than charming, and his giving the men permission to beat their wives in any sense of the word was wrong. After all if god made us equal then no one should be beating anyone. You make sense of that your self. I will put it this way, I have never seen anything in nature be as cruel as to beat their mate, only humans behave so cruelly. Sure animals have eaten each other, and some do while mating, but having a conscious should make us the better species, not the lesser.

Mohammad did not have a clue about science. Male testicles are never up where the kidneys go, we are not formed like a blood clot ever. There is no possible way that we were made from sperm and mud. In fact that would not mix even with magic. The mud would kill the sperm, just like air kills sperm. It is not a burden for a woman to have a child, nor is pain. It is an unfortunate biological part of bearing offspring.

Mohammad did not know the size of space, he did not know how the stars, moon, or sun got into place, or the rotation of the planet. He was not a physicist, he was not like Galileo. He did not study this planet, and everything he knew came from his life. I am sorry to say but men who have made great discoveries have been educated about the world around them at least, Mohammad was not. His life was spent in marriages, war, and the spoils of war.

The best thing you can say about Mohammad was that he was a man, and for that we can forgive his errors, we can look at his history and see it for what it was. We can say he did things wrong, and not be blaspheming. We can talk about his deeds, what he did and did not do without insulting, but looking to understand. For me he was not a prophet, he was just a man, and as a man it is easier to accept his flaws for all they were. So while Islam can see him as a prophet, I refuse to see him as more than a weak and very mortal, uneducated, and possibly troubled man.

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