What is it about Vagina?

What is it about Vagina?

You would think that everyone loves vagina since we all came out of one. Only those that came by Cesarean can escape this fact. But you got there by someone having a vagina. They are important things, so it is only right I am proud of mine.

My vagina is one of the things that makes me different from men. It is an important fact in who I am. It being part of me has made me me. I like the fact I have one, and so I ask for it to be respected. And I will tell you what respect means to me.

Respect is when I can talk about having a vagina without the fear of men calling me a whore for saying it. Respect is when I don't have to make sure no one notices that I have one. Respect is when I get to choose freely what happens to it, and not feel guilty for my choices. Because no woman should have to feel bad about her vagina, or what she does with her vagina.

I enjoy being a woman. It feels good attracting the opposite sex, and it is not my fault if you are insecure about that. It is not your business what I have done in the past with my vagina. It is not your business what I will do in the future with my vagina. Your not the boss of it, and I am.

Everyone has their reasons for how they feel about a woman's body. Muslim men think it should be guarded for the husband, and have many harsh ways to guard it. One of them is the burqa, and I hate this thing. After all Muslim women say they choose it, but their alternative is being treated as a whore, and for some of them beaten by their husbands. That does not sound like guarding, but a prison. It also does not sound like a choice. But then I was lucky to be born American, and to parents who could never teach me my body needs to be so hidden I would walk around in sweltering heat covered in a black cloth.

It seems to me the world lately thinks vagina is the reason for so much misery. What a bad attitude. After all everyone on this planet has a mother. That is if she is alive. Some mothers give their lives in child birth. Some die because the toll their body paid. Some die of breast cancer, and many more things. But at one point everyone had a mother, and that means a vagina. We should be more proud of them. Not every problem on earth was based on a woman or her having a vagina. Most of the worlds problems are about greed.

I get told that my Vagina will repent the day of my death, that it will cry out. Well as far as I know my vagina belongs to me. I am an atheist. On the day of my death I hope to look back at the woman I was in life, and what I stood for. I hope to treasure the memories of a life full of love and living. I hope to say it was well worth the ride, and I was glad to be born with a vagina. When I die, there will be no prayers. No one better mention god at my services. I will not confess to believe in that final hour. I will not say I regret who I was or what I did. Instead I will be proud that when history speaks of me, they will be talking about the hell raising, atheist woman who dared to call herself the Godless Vagina in front of the world and be damned proud of it.

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