Dinosaurs A Creationist Nightmare

Time for some fun with Dinosaurs. So let me explain why they could have never fit on the ark. And also why they did not die off in the "flood" and how we know. Take for instance my first pic. This guy weighed around 110 tons. (Aprox 220,000 pounds) It could have carried the ark on its back for most of the flood. Even if you had an ark as big as a country a pair of these would cause the ship to sink because 220,000 pounds getting up and laying down or throwing a fit out of hunger is going to crush wood like splinters. But lets say you could get these guys on. Well they would               make good company for.

T- Rex. His massive jaws were made for crushing. His teeth were serrated for shredding, and his neck muscles would have made tearing your flesh pretty simple. Don't catch this guy when he is hungry. He may not run the fastest, but his foot steps make catching humans seem like a game of fetch with your dog. He would have weighed in at about 14,000 pounds. Making him quite the companion on a boat. Alone with other animals and no food, sounds like his idea of a vacation.

Veloci Raptor. He has been updated to show the feather scars that scientists found on his bones. This guy would have fought with T-Rex over the scraps. They hunted in small packs, and had tons of serrated teeth. They could run fast, and man would have been a snack for a pack of these guys. They were almost seven foot long and stood about two feet high. They might not have weighed much, but he has some help.

This is his second digit on his Pez. Razor Sharp and elevated. One slice from it would leave your insides on the outside. It goes well with his body built for running and a mouth full of teeth. He was getting on the ark, only if no humans were ever getting off.

You might not have wanted to turn your back on Super Crock. He was found in Australia. But hey, he would fit in nice with T-Rex. The outer skull is Super Crock and the inner is modern ones. These are not from the same line, they are diverged, so technically both of these guys need to get on. He would have weighed 2,400 pounds but he could share a stall with T-Rex to keep warm. But you better line up more then seven of each of the clean animals, because these guys came hungry.

I am not sure how your boat would have done getting this guys attention in water. This is Megolodon. The worlds largest shark. He made the great white look like a bass. He would have weighed about 20 tons. 40,000 pounds. Plus the shark jaws unhinge like a snake so while his mouth here looks only big enough for a human if you widen those out he could tare a chunk out of a large ship. Jonah would have had a problem with this white whale. He sure would have never made it out. Also it is not highly visible but this guy has several rows of large teeth built for shredding. He also had them in the back of the mouth, so his prey were just meat strips when going down.

This is the geology of the earth. It is formed in layers. Right now outside your home there are layers of earth building up, and being blown off. Rain and soil erosion change the rate at which they build up and break down. Volcano's change where they are situated if you get a layer of magma intruding into other rock layers. It makes a good element for time stamping the deposits, even though it might move them around. Basically to get these layers of rock it takes millions of years. These would have been once under the sea. As we look at the layers we can see each of them is different. As well as what we will find inside. There has never been a dinosaur found before the Mesozoic era. There was never one found in the Permian
This shows who lived when, and each layer represents a different level of evolution. What that means is we have specific layers where fossils are found. Many die off and are never seen again. Others like crocodiles have been around for millions of years, but those are not part of dinosaurs. Nor are mammals which have been around for millions of years.

Our ancestor was a squirrel, rat, mouse looking thing, that had a set of teeth like yours are today. he was never part of the dinosaurs. He was small, warm blooded, and had fur.

Now we know that some dinosaurs had fur like or feather coverings. But we are still different by so many things. For instance dinosaurs were not really endothermic or exothermic. They are what paleontologists call "dinothermic." That means they had traits for both, but we are not fully sure of what that meant for them.
Some dinosaurs were built to run, others were not. Some were thousands of pounds and others were tiny little guys. But dinosaurs never lived with humans. They were not highly evolved dumb blundering brutes, that would not know or care what a human is. They would have attacked with their less than perfect eyes, but perfect jaws. They would have trampled us with their huge steps, and we would have been rodents to them. They are found in specific layers of the earth. We can Radon date, carbon date, and Uranium date fossils. While this may be -/+ one million years. It is still more correct than being off by billions of years. We have never found a zebra and a Woolly Mammoth in the same layer, but we do have a complete fossil record for horses. So here are some pics to enjoy. And remember Noah would have been drowned and eaten in that ark if there had been dinosaurs back then.



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