The Pope, Africa, Aids, and acts of Genocide.

The Pope, Africa, Aids, and acts of Genocide.

Lets talk about sex, aids, and a suffering continent. Africa, oh Africa, no greater cry exists, than one that affects all of humanity. Millions of Africans are dying. The main disease is Aids. What worse human tragedy than one that can be prevented by education. So I am going to blast the pope. Someone needs to hold him responsible, and fix the horrible thing he did.

I am not sure how many Africans are Catholic, but I am sure that they are dying. After all they have been told that using condoms spreads disease. Well I want to take some time and educate and spread the word that this is a tragic lie. Condoms do not cause disease, in fact they help prevent it. You have better chances of not getting aids if you use a condom. I know because I am educated in sexual diseases, I have been through sex ed classes, I study biology and diseases. I am a student of science. I know more about Aids than the pope know about sex.

This is the problem. Since when do we take sex ed from a man who has never used his sexual organs for sex, and believes that you can not serve god if you do? Why would we trust a man who has not studied medicine or biology to our reproductive health? The only thing he has studied is a bible, and that does not qualify him to speak about aids transmission.

I however can, because I am going to use facts.

1. Aids is spread by body fluid transmission. This means oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex. Any body fluids that come into contact with another persons have the ability to infect. So condoms help stop fluid transmission and do prevent Hiv and Aids.

2. Cuts, sores, and wounds are another source of infection. As well as bite wounds. That is because Aids can live outside the body for a few hours. In laboratories, in concentrated amounts it can live for days, and even weeks outside of the body. Always be careful of  body fluids from another person. If any blood, semen, or vaginal fluid gets on you make sure to wash it off as soon as possible and use strong antimicrobial agents. Soap, small amounts of bleach, and wash thoroughly. Use alcohol when possible, but not on sex organs/genitalia.

3. Babies have a higher chance of being born infected to an infected mother. Especially if they come into contact with body fluids during birth. So many precautions should be taken if possible.

4. Monkeys and other species carry HIV but are immune to it. So they are only carriers, but can infect humans by bite wounds.

5. Prostitutes have the highest instances of HIV infection, so when you engage in sex use any forms of protection available. Using two condoms will not lessen you chances, since one condom may break the other. using one and making sure that there is room in the tip for semen is important. Also unroll the condom to the very base of the penis. After intercourse make sure to remove the condom and wash your hands, then body parts. Do not kiss or engage in oral sex where body fluids can be transmitted. Preforming anal sex, or engaging in anal sex is more risky, which is why it is best to use a condom as well.

I know the Pope has said that condoms spread aids, but if you are using a new condom every time, and making sure to put it on properly, you could save your life and that of those you love. I know that sex happens, and people visit prostitutes. So the reality exists for infection and disease. We should stop pretending people do not visit prostitutes. They do, and when they do, they should be using protection.

The Pope is responsible for millions of deaths. It is his word that has made Africa want to kill homosexuals, and not use condoms, and not use preventative care when it comes to having children. This is a human tragedy. Because you are suffering at the hands of a monster. What man does not hear the suffering of people and do what is best for them. Condoms work. They can fit a penis the size of your arm. They only have a fail rate of 0.00001% unlike unprotected sex which causes 99.99999% of all Aids.

I consider it offensive to let my brothers and sisters in Africa die of aids because no one was willing to stand up and say that human health comes above religion. If everyone knew how much disease can be prevented by the simple use of a condom. It is astounding. Meanwhile where is the Pope? Does he visit the hospitals of Africa, and pray with the dying? Does he come and give them meds, or shower them with help to deal with the Aids? Does he send in educators and doctors, to help stop the spread?

No, he is on his throne in Vatican City living in a palace, eating the best foods, flying on the best planes. He wants for nothing, and has doctors at his disposal. All of this while the children of Africa cry and lay dying. All of this while children become orphans, and mothers and fathers suffer to death of Aids.

It is not okay to let our brothers and sisters die. It is not okay to kill people because they are gay. It is not okay to let people get Aids and say it is the will of god. Because if he was watching, even his blood would boil at seeing such human misery by the millions. So if you are in Africa, share this with a friend. Get the word out. Spread the education. We are hoping for your survival Africa, because you represent part of our family we do not want to live without.

Life is hard enough in a lot of places in Africa. There is female genital mutilations, Albino murders, homosexual killings, and Aids. We can prevent all of those. Stop listening to the pope, because if he were right millions would be living and not dying. There would be less cases of Aids every year. That is not the case, instead we see the bodies come, and the people go. And the Pope sits on his throne playing god, without mercy for the precious lives he is taking.

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