A Quantum Universe.

A Quantum Universe.

There has never been a greater time to live in then now. One where science is breaking through so many new fields. We have learned that we live in a flat universe, and that everything we thought was nothing, is something. We now have Multiverse Theory, and Quantum Mechanics. So many big words to describe things that swirl in the average mind. So what does this all mean for us?

We are really simple organisms that have evolved. We are not yet so complex that our mind, let alone our eyes can comprehend everything. The fact is we are Earthlings, and bound by the rules of our evolution.

So it is hard to  imagine what we can't about this universe. For instance the need for our universe to be a bubble, that is flat so we can exist here. It is the perfect time, while our sun is not too small or too bright. We are in the perfect position, not too close or too far from the sun. We have the right amount of surface, to water ratio. Which keeps the Earth from being super hot at this point, but does not force it to be frozen. We have just the right elements for life to happen, and to sustain its self. Or do we?

We seem to forget it is us who has evolved here. At least it is our comfort zone to forget. We have elements around us that might not suit an alien life form. We have evolved to adapt to gravity. Even sitting down we face the force of it. We get wet with water, yet we don't even split the molecule apart. They just roll over our bodies. Instead we do it on the cellular level. That is where we strip oxygen and hydrogen apart and use it for energy. We use the sun to help make vitamin D, while protecting our skin with keratin, so it lessens DNA damage. We have three dimensional vision. We have adapted to this world, and it has never adapted to us.

But this only works on a planetary scale. After all we are like microbes in the cosmos. Had we evolved out inside of the universe the rules might be completely different, but our tiny ecosphere keeps us as safe and well cared for as can be expected in a competitive world.

So what about outside of our tiny bubble. Well just one hit from a tiny pebble in space could kill you. After all gravity is not constantly pulling it down. The UV radiation in space is around one hundred times what we face now. There is no gravity pull/push like here on earth, so our muscles and bones would suffer. In fact life out in the cosmos would probably look nothing like us. It would have to need no oxygen, feed off of high radiated elements, synthesize energy, and move around. Yet it is possible.

So are other universes, in other dimensions. If our universe is flat, there could be one on top of it but moving on a different wave, or many trying to form and ceasing to exist quickly. There may be a universe out there much older than ours. Or one just beginning to evolve. Many possibilities exist. yet our minds are often disbelieving in the possibility. Probably because it is not comfort to us, when we fear the unknown. The cosmos does not give its secrets away, but hides them in the vast blackness.

A vast blackness that once was thought to be nothing but now is known to be something. An energy, or particle moving in the shadows and lighting up the empty space everywhere. There is so much left to know about our universe. We have not even come to fully understand the speck of dust in the universe we live on, how can we hope to grasp the infinite in our hands.

Like it is said by the greatest physicists: if you think you know quantum, you don't know quantum.

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