The Natural Order Of Sex.

The Natural Order Of Sex.

We often believe we know what sex is. In fact if I asked you a few meanings, you would probably say a biological act, or a physical state. Yet what we are missing here is why we think those are the only two definitions. Science tells us that gender happens in the brain. Neural chemicals play a big role in who we think we are.

Another big role player is society. How we are treated in our youth helps develop who we will be as adults. This means not only how we see our selves,but how we identify our gender. This means who we think we are has already been decided for us, even if it was not who we feel we are.

There have been a lot of attacks by various religions on homosexuals, Including Islam, Christians, and Jews. I find it offensive considering the only reason that it happens is an old book, which has no sociological or neurological understanding. In fact words like abomination, blasphemy, procreation, sin, and wrong all come into the equation just because of what this illiterate book says. So I want to take some time and go over why this is the wrong message to send, and the harm being done to innocent people because of it.

Homosexuality is not a disease. It has no characteristics of being a disease. It is in fact quite normal, and let me tell you why. I find it interesting that as far back as the bible men were writing about homosexuals. This means they existed. It means that someone, somewhere was having homosexual sex. In fact not just the Bible, or Torah mention this, but it is also written in the Kama Sutra. In fact back in the time of Chaste rule in India male owners were allowed to have their way with any of their servants, and it was encouraged. Males were having sex with males. This was not the only time period though. In fact record shows that all forms of sexual acts were happening in the times of the Romans, and back in the time of the Greeks.The Egyptians were known for their sexual orgies. Males have raped other males they have conquered. Throughout history we see acts of sex that is now considered wrong and abnormal. In any given Harem of women, many of them engaged in intercourse with each other and male servants.

So what is the deal with our sexuality, why are men so turned on by two women having sex? Well lets look at that. The lack of penetration allows for no violation. The fact is modern men are taught to see having a penis inserted into your body is a feminine thing. Which was not often the case in history. Men having been taught to only accept pain where necessary don't want an "unwelcome" intrusion, but what if they were never taught this way? How would men see it? And if society did not teach us to hate homosexuality would we be so against it?

Based on history, and what we know in science I would say no. That is because humans are curious. We want to know about sex, we have the desire to explore. We like what feels good, and we all know sex feels good. Yet we seem drawn mostly to the opposite sex, how can that be? Well we could get into an evolutionary history of how we come from non sexual evolution to sexual. I could tell you how we pair bond to procreate offspring, and that we are not monogamous by nature. But let me lead you on another path, two of them in fact. History shows males like all forms of sex if allowed the pleasure of them, as well as women. Society has taught us real men do not have homosexual sex. Yet this is a lie, often times males have fantasies that they do not permit anyone to know. Some of these include thoughts of homosexual sex.

Scientists, Neurologist to be specific are looking into the brain and gender. it seems that differences in hormones and neural development can change how a person identifies themselves. So what makes people gay might be just a few chemicals too much or too little in the wrong place. Yet that does not make it a disease, because sex is just sex. So why do we care so much about it, and why are we busy trying to change people based on how we are taught they should be? After all, if the sex they are having is fine by them, why can't it be fine by us? Not everyone has to conform to the same idea, and it is important that we have homosexuals. They do in fact serve to remind us of our real human nature. And that is sexual ambiguity.

Sexual ambiguity means that we are not just drawn to one specific sex. We could in fact, if left to explore, be interested in many kinds of sex. Now I am not defending harmful or unlawful sex of any kind. I want to make that specifically clear here, before I go further. Sexual abuse is inexcusable.

If we took a group of sixty individuals and sent them to an island where they could sexually explore any and all options without any societal definitions, or inhibitions, we might be shocked. After all, humans are not the only species that has displayed homosexuality, or sexual ambiguity. We might find that in time, all of these people tried almost everything. That is because it is natural to explore who you are as a sexual being. It is not abnormal at all. The parameters we have for sex are set by our culture. In France however; couples often engage in extra marital sex, which is not considered cheating as long as they have defined what does for them. 

The fact is religion has demonized sex to the point people are erupting and committing horrible acts to alleviate the stress of a natural biological urge. This kind of oppression of sexual nature actually creates deviance. If all people were allowed to grow as sexual beings and explore healthy sex, they would be less likely to act out. In fact the future might bring sexual exploration as a necessity. After all we are evolved apes, but we have not stopped being them.

Masturbation, homosexuality, bisexuality, polyamory, and sexual ambiguity are all normal. There is no one right answer for everyone. After all as long as your sex is with a consensual adult and willing, then it is all healthy. Why should we not explore sex, as we have explored other aspects of life. No one tells us that breathing is bad, or eating is bad. That is because we do them to survive, and sex is part of our survival. So the next time someone attacks sexuality, or calls it wrong or horrible, remind them that without it seven billion people would not live on this planet. Tell them that they are crazy for trying to stifle nature, and that evolution speaks louder than their narrow mind.

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