I am Not A Hate-Thiest, I am an Atheist.

I am not a Hate-Theist, I am an Atheist.

Everywhere I plug away it seems there are sides. His side, her side, my side and your side. All of us want to be right, and most of us are sure we are. But it has come down to atheists being less trusted than rapists. When I heard that, I didn't know what to think. After all you know what is worse than being an atheist? Being a rapist. By a long shot. Just look at what a rapist does, they literally rape you. Sometimes they beat people, or kill them. Seriously, you think not believing in god is worse than that?

Now I know there are combative atheists. I am often one of them. Mostly because I am angry about being lied to. I spend years of my life living in fear. I know there is someone out there right now telling their kid that Jesus is watching them. Is that fair? After all, I want to know why Jesus is watching all the time. He seems more like a stalker, than a deity. Who needs to know all of that stuff? Why would I go to hell for thinking? If god is all fired up to worry about my every thought then why in the hell would he make me to think?

Another problem that makes atheist combative is child sex abuse. Why are priests raping kids by the thousands? And does that mean you trust them more than me? Really? So the guy who raped your child in the church, and a few hundred others, your fine with him, but find being an atheist horrible? What is wrong with you? These are adult men in positions of power, who know what rape is because they have seen definitions of it everywhere, who give in to sexual pressure and abuse your kids. These are men that you say to serve your god can not have sex with women, because then they can not serve god well. How many men who have regular sex loose their minds and go rape little boys? I bet those numbers are real low. Maybe none cause they can have sex, and don't have to feel like dirty awful pervs for doing it. So maybe your wrong about that one. After all if having sex means you can't serve god then these guys have never been doing. Or do you think the church being anti-vagina makes it better?

Which brings me to my next point. Atheists are combative because we hate the fucking pope. Any man who lives in a freaking castle, and wears a long robe, and stupid hat, while telling people they can get Aids from using condoms, and never having had any normal sex in his life, is a fucking moron. If he really believed in anything he would sell his city, and give back the stolen art, and then get on a plane to hand out food and clothes and medicine to the dying. There would be millions of  people actually saved, but instead he has twenty people to serve him, and rides around in a clown car acting like he is god.This is a  man who was in the Hitler youth, are you fucking kidding me? This man could not be any father from holy, even if you gave him a piece of Swiss cheese. He is the worst head of state since, well, Hitler. Because he is causing millions of deaths. I guess he was in that program for a reason. Because he learned genocide as a kid, and wants to keep that shit going. If the pope was here right now I would tell him in his face, you're a fucking dick. How dare you defend pedophiles and tell people not to use condoms. You have no fucking clue what sex is, how can you talk about it.

But atheists are loving too. We are people as diverse as any melting pot can be. We laugh, and we love and we unite for good. We want change in our world. We see possibilities wherever we go. Many atheists spend their time and efforts in teaching.  Just like Richard Dawkins, I know of many atheists who are writing and helping. William Hambly (writer), Hemley Gonazalez (Who runs Responsible Charity), Paul Provenza(Atheist comedian), Gretta Christina(Writer and gay rights). Just to name a few. People who live to move the world forward. These are amazing people, well educated, and caring.

So I am not just full of hate. In fact I love. I love people from all over the world. I enjoy striking up conversations with them, and learning how life is for them. I like hearing their thoughts on their government, and their future. I enjoy the cultural diversity. I feel sorry for them when they are forced to live lives of oppression in the name of religion. I often want to save them from the suffering they see around them. In fact we should all be reaching out. I am not trying to preach here, sorry if you take it that way. What I am saying is if we are less trusted than rapists, then we have work to do. We need to become more loved than the pedophile supporting pope. We need to make him look bad.

Why should atheists be treated as monsters, after all we are the lowest faction in any prison. We are sensible people who know we live one life. We do not hide behind any god, and we are smart enough to get that we don't need one. So why should anyone be out there thinking we are worse than rapists?We have work to do, and it is a public relations campaign. So please reach out to more people, and have that conversation if you can. Do it anonymously. Start up a nice talk and listen too. People don't want to be out shouted, or out touted. Some people will never change, but seeing that people in United Arab Emirates are reading my blog told me, people are listening. They want to hear what we have to say. We just have to say it. We are not the enemy, but corrupt religions, and political leaders, and religious leaders are.

So lets work towards a future where people do not call us hate-theists, but are okay with us being atheists, and can see we are far better than the rapists that they are currently defending. Thank you very much.

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