There is Nothing Sexier than a Feminist Man

It used to be the case that strong men who were a bit on the dangerous side got all the attention. Our Evolution was based on survival of the fittest. It happens to be the reason that so many people carry the DNA of Gangus Khan, that and the fact men could steal women, like they stole horses. If you wanted the ladies, all you had to do was show a little muscle and a large ego. Thankfully times have changed.

The new sexy man does not come in spurs, toting an ego the size of Texas. He usually just comes dressed in casual clothes and blue jeans. He also has some new and remodeled ideas. And they look mighty good on him. He does not feel like women are second place, or stupid. He does not tell them their place is in the kitchen or making babies.

There is nothing hotter than a feminist man. A man who is educated, and sensible. He helps his wife with the house, and sees that it is not just her place but both or their places to help raise the kids. He does not believe that he owns his wife, or partner, but he loves her. Now lets not leave out the sensible gay men here. The ones who stand by their partner and help them out too. I am sure there are some guys out there thinking how sexy it is when their partner helps them.

The Mitt Romney's of the world. The Muslim Mullahs, they are the barbaric past. We all know that their kind is dying out. It still might take some time, but men who wanted to rule the roost and a woman's vagina will soon be a thing of the past. Men like PZ Myers, Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Tim Minchin, and Michio Kaku are stealing the lime light. And why shouldn't they? It is hard to live in a world where men treat you as subjects and slaves, where your value is how many kids you can produce, and how much his ego can be stroked.

The new guys on the block may not be perfect, but they are easy on the emotions. Women don't need to be treated as objects, or slaves, or walking uterus's. We were made different by biological features, but culture stirred the pot. It is far more sexy to see a man who cares for his woman, wants to be by her side, and see her as equal. It is comforting to think that my man will support me in my decisions, and that I get a decision. It warms my heart to know that he does not just see me as a sex object and a place to dump his sperm, but as a real human being.

So to all you educated, woman loving, liberal, feminist, over worked, under-thanked men out there. You are sexy. It makes us want you when you help us, and listen to us. I am not biologically the same as you, because I am a different sex, but thank you for understanding that, and that I need to be cared for equally for it. For all the loving men who take care of their family, and see to their wives needs, and love their kids. The ones who come home with a happy heart and share their love with their loved ones. Thank you. Because those other cowards who wage war on women are soon going to find it hard to get one of us. If you want to control me, and my vagina you don't stand a chance.

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