In the Name of terrorism.

In the Name Of Terrorism.

9/11 Is a date no one can forget. We live it in our minds over and over. The war cry rang out and our President declared a war on Terrorism. This article may make a few of you hate me, but I challenge you to read it to the end. Then feel free to leave me your opinions. I want to hear them.

I am not a soldier hater. In fact I honor them always. I know that in the course of duty innocent lives are lost. Ours, and whom we see as the enemy. But that is what I want to address. Our global war, that we deny is happening. One where we play the role of terrorists too.

After 9/11 I heard cries of "Nuke Em', kill those Muslim bastards." Since then I have had a lot of time to think, and feel and look at reality. After all where there is blood, there are bloody hands. America has blood on its hands, and that is something no one can deny. We are guilty of some terrible things. Yet we don't dare see ourselves as Terrorists.

 On 9/11, 13 men took over planes and crashed them into the Pentagon, and the Twin towers in New York. 13 men. Since then we have killed thousands. We hold countless men in Guantanamo indefinitely with no charges ever being brought, and state authorized torture. I am sure more than a few people see us as terrorists. I ask you the question, do they have the right to?

We invaded Iraq, under the idea that they had weapons of mass destruction. Since then thousands of our soldiers have died, and thousands of their civilians. Mothers, and fathers, children all dead because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now as for weapons of mass destruction, I can not say if they were found. I am sure that I do not qualify to know that information. But who is paying the price? The people who had nothing to do with terrorism.

The same in Afghanistan, hundreds of civilians have been killed by drone strikes. They are not flown by pilots, but instead computerized to identify a target and drop a bomb. Anyone with a computer can tell you they make mistakes. Yet we are not to feel like terrorists when innocent people die, because we want machines that go and kill people for us? How does that make us world heroes?

Currently there are talks about Iran, and Pakistan. What will we do kill all of the Middle East into submission to the great giant. The one nation trying to suck all the resources and money in, while devastating other nations. How do we justify so much occupation and killing? Lets look at it from their side.

Most Muslims live day to day. Sure they are a bit jealous because we have food, and housing, and opportunity to see our kids grow. We have a free secular society, with security.  All these people want is to survive. But looming in the distance is the dark threat of war, and the uncertainty of life. After all they don't want our culture, our beliefs, or society. What they want, they want to choose. Be that the Muslim religion, or secular living, or even a mock of us. They just don't want what we have because it was forced on them.

For years now we have been trying to shove our culture, and way of life down others peoples throats, and they are tired of it. After all, if they are going to choose it. They want to do it of their own free will. We are not "Team America, World Police," Like South Park creators showed us. We have no right to tell the world how to live, and we are acting like terrorists.

We hate when they kidnap one of our civilians and kill them, to show us that they want us out, but we barely bat an eye when hundreds of them are killed. We would be mortified if they tortured one citizen, but we are letting Guantanamo exist. We would be very angry and cry for more war if they bombed our cities, but they are helpless when we do it to them.

As a peace loving citizen of my country. One who is not perfect, I understand why we want to defend this country. But I do not believe what we are doing is right. 13 People killed 3000, and we have killed thousands and thousands more. All to stop the possibility of them killing even one more of us. Who do we value more? It seems that we look at all Muslims the same. We don't value their lives, but expect them to value ours. We treat them like subhumans, but expect them to respect us. We are at war, but we have been at war for a while. We are busy trying to prove to the world how superior we are, by acting like bullies and dare I say terrorists. How can anyone say we are better than them?

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