The Poetry Of Reality

Guest post by: Elliot Darwin Simpson

The Poetry of Reality
An essay on the supernatural, and God.

"If an idea cannot be disproved or proved, it is redundant in the field of science. If an idea cannot be pursued by reason, because it breaches logic, it is likely that such a notion is false". -Thomas D. Reece
This is my point on the "God Hypothesis" entirely. An idea, that stretches the bounds of logic, and reality, so far, that it cannot be disproved or proved because of that. Such a notion, that fits the criteria of that, surely suggest how it was DESIGNED to be so.
Throughout all of history, so many Gods, Goddesses and mythologies, jumping from the next one to the next, all came from, well what?
Faith? Why should we even ponder on the probability of your God existing? It is something WE IMAGINED, it is fantasy, it's place in reality is non-existent, or at least should be, by reason.
It is just like all of the childlike dreams we have invented in the past, unicorns, leprechauns, leviathans, giants, the list continues. The only difference here is that it breaches beyond reality, so it's existence cannot be dis-proven, so under some sort of weird logic, it cannot either be true or untrue, so it can be believed, so those believers can be controlled. God is one genius invention. It is so useful, it allows to take what we want with ease. This is shown everywhere, televangelists, faith healers, the Vatican, all malevolent fools fooled by the fools who were deluded by the powerful.

How can anyone, of this era, sincerely believe in such nonsense, it retracts from human intelligence as a whole, it degrades the usage of reason; Only so many can ponder, why? So many ask why, why we are here, but what they are assuming in that question, is that we exist with intent, previous to us being born, therefore determined by a creator. A better question is how, and then why. The explanation first, then the implications.

I believe that God and the Supernatural exist as a result of very bad thinking, for sometimes the human mind jumps to too many conclusions too quickly, we can be every so often, extremely presumptuous. This God Hypothesis (and those who believe it to be correct), a certain amount of hubris. It has been too long in the progression of science to say that all of this complexity, beauty, and destruction was designed purposefully and willfully, for us. A tiny blip on the cosmological scale.
As for deism, however, is merely too presumptuous and illogical. It is not as absurd as mainstream religion. Majority of arguments in favor of deism tend to move to one presumptuous conclusion to the next; A being is somewhat necessary, a beginning is necessary, the likeliness of a universe forming is too unlikely, and, everything has a cause. This is not hard to refute. Everything so far in the universe has been discovered to have came into being over long periods of time, slowly changing, overall, due to natural laws of the cosmos. The only real contention now there is to raise is that where the resources that is required to form this universe appeared. To invoke God this soon in observing the universe, is well, presumptuous and illogical. Not to mention the violation of Occam's Razor. And as for the causality loophole, our current understandings of quantum physics shows how some things in this universe are without a cause (particle-anti particle pairs that pop into existence for a squillionth of a second, for example), so the universe does not necessarily require one.

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