Are some forms of Racism about Sex?

Not all racism can be labeled under the same umbrella. After all some people just hate because they can.Some people hate because they hate themselves, but I challenge you to think about racism and the many factors in its existence. Could one of them be simple and biological?I am talking about mate selection and biological desire. Not the need for hate crimes and human abuses. I take racism very seriously.

One of the most fascinating things about humans is mate selection. We often find ourselves drawn to someone, maybe without knowing why. When we get close to a person that peaks our interest we can sweat, get weak, feel the butterflies, and so many more things. All of this has to do with our body dealing with a change in brain chemistry.

Yet some people seem to hate other races. In fact they take it so far as to have killed people from other races, just because of the color of their skin. This is a horrible thing, and I am not trying to justify this behavior. In fact I could only wish that person had to suffer a life time for it. But I want to go deeper. Beyond skin and bones, beyond color, and examine it. Is it really just as simple as I hate you because of your race?

History tells another tale. It tells one of mate selection and jealousy based upon it. We like healthy looking mates. Tan skin appeals to many people. Some like a round butt. Some enjoy a tall person, or short, small face, or almond eyes. What we learn is that there is no one right form for everyone. So there is competition, especially among males. This is where we see the height or racist behavior, because every male wants to be seen as the best of all males.

As far back as Egypt we can see interracial marriages. The Pharaoh in Egypt had a Nubian Queen. The Egyptians were copper skinned, but fair. Just like modern day Egyptians. Their neighbors to the South were just a bit darker skinned. Yet there was attraction to someone who was racially different. Just like Cleopatra, and Marc Anthony. Even in the tragic days of slavery here in America, many masters fell in love with their slaves, and even had children with them.

So what is the deal with all the racism? Well that comes down to mate selection. When one race is seen as being healthy for their vigor, height, build, and skin color it can make others angry. After all, we all want to feel sexy and attract the mate we choose. Something that is hard to do when the competition for making offspring is winning out. Or at least you believe they are.

I have heard white supremacist males say that we need to preserve our race, that some day it will die out. It is hard to believe that millions of white people will just choose people from another race any time soon, but what he was really saying is he is angry that his competition is seen as a healthier mate, and taking women from his mating pool. Because if one race is being currently seen as the healthy one, they are more likely to get more mates. It works the same with females as well. None of us want to be seen as the ugly unwanted duckling.

If you have ever noticed, how racism works then you know there is a lot of jealousy. It seems that everyone wants to benefit from a surplus of mates. It has gone so far as to be the reason for wars, drawing lines on the map, and keeping people out of countries, nations, and neighborhoods. Now you might say it can't just be about that, but look at the facts...

Most of the issue we hear about the south is the farmers daughter wanting to run off with a slave. Or a master having kids with a slave and then selling them to hide what he had done. We hear of people being forced to live in certain places based on color. We hear horrible nicknames for brown skinned people, or basically anything different from who the one is hating other races. And if we dig under the skin, it is right there.

Face it we love diversity, variety is the spice of life. I am not just a white girl. My parents are both from different races. We are attracted to sexually healthy mates, and just like peacocks when they strut we pay attention. We like to check out differences that draw our attention, and explore the unknown. Sex with a different race can be exciting. After all the parts might be the same, but just a slight variance of different. That is enough to spark the flame of our interest, and others noticing might just get jealous. After all we live in a world where the dominant female/male wins out. They get the best pick of mates, and have the most selections, so why should they not enjoy?

The next time you look at a racist stop and wonder what they really are hating, is it you,or could it be the sexual opportunities afforded to you. We are primates, and animals by nature, and just as there is competition on the Serengeti, there is competition walking down the street.

I don't make excuses for why people hate. I just look a bit deeper, because if the guy hating you was busy having all the women he wanted, or lady all the men she wanted then there would be no time left for for hating, but since we have to compete for our mates, ask your self do you feel jealous when someone steals the mate you were hoping for, and does that influence how you feel about their race? Is it just a means for you to feel better about why you hate them? Perhaps the answer is in the sex we choose.

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