Smart, Sexy, and Atheist. Yep that is me.

Is there anything more sexy than a bright mind. I say no. In fact the more knowledge you have the more I am attracted to you. For me it is like some smart gravitational force. That is the way it goes, and it seems to be a new trend. Women and men are tired of people who can't hold a conversation. They want to feel stimulated in the brain as well as other parts.

Since the women's rights movement, women have been more empowered. They have sought higher education. They have taken on higher roles in corporations, and gained a fair share of control. Now they are becoming atheists at higher rates. We did not just come out of the kitchen. We then threw off the shackle's  of oppression and brightened our minds. We got stronger, smarter, and less needy for the support of even an imaginary man.

Now we seem to have made enemies in the Rethug camp. Just because we choose to work, to control our bodies, and worst of all think for ourselves. What is worse than that? Supporting gay rights, and we do that too. Could we be any more hot, I mean heathens? According to the mentally disturbed right wingers who want us ignorant, theist, anti-gay and back in the kitchen, no! We are the most offensive group on the planet. Right next to our gay and lesbian brother and sister atheists.

But I want to be offensive. If I am not offensive to Christian bigots who are intolerant to everything, then I must be doing something very wrong. After all when you are that full of hate, and lack compassion, and are only care about how much money you have or can take from others, I want you to find me more offensive than anything.

So come on ladies. Lets keep getting smart. Lets stand up against bigotry, and lets be sexy while we do it. Lets teach our children to think critically and question everything. Never let a closed mind convince you that you are powerless. We have the numbers, we just don't think we do. But when we stand beside our gay, and lesbian brothers and sisters, we make a hell of a strong group.

So if you are not yet part of any group, join one. If you are afraid to speak out, then find a way. When you vote, do it for us all. Convince more women and gay, and lesbians to vote, and stand up for their rights. In this next few years I want to see gay marriage in all 50 states. I want to see the struggle for equality ended and all of us enjoying liberty. I want to see men like the ones in the Rethug party scared to voice their opinions. I want to see an Atheist Rally that is five hundred thousand strong.

Us women are smart, we are dedicated, we are sexy, we are loving, and giving. We should join with them men and not follow, but lead. If you have friends who are theists start talking about why you are an atheist, and why you are moral. Tell them being an atheist means you hold your self to a higher standard. Let them know that we may not have any gods to thank or blame, but we are willing to shoulder that burden, and be proud.

We are amazing and so are our gay, and lesbian, and fellow male atheists. Together we are one offensive group to the religious right. So lets keep being offensive, because when we are offensive to something so wrong, we must be doing something so right.

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