Letter To A Muslim Nation

Letter to a Muslim Nation

Just in case you felt left out by Sam Harris in his book, I thought it was time someone gave you a well deserved lecture. The world around you is tired of you trying desperately to convert us all. Your not some fantastic religion we just can't live without. Your bullying and threatening tactics are getting old and so there are a few things I want to say.

If there was an almighty god, why would he need his messenger to be an illiterate who went into a cave? If he is so all powerful why could he not talk to someone who could at least write, and didn't have to kill hundreds of people to get money, so he could promote the future religion Islam? Also why did that guy seem to change his story left and right? Do you guys really just ignore these facts, or are you like Christians and skip to the parts that make you feel good?

How is it that if one prayer in one thousand is answered you consider it a miracle, even if that was a guy who got a job. Do you really think when someone applies for a job, and then prays for more money, and gets the job, that is proof of  gods intervention? I would consider it divine if that guy never applied for the job, and yet somehow the boss knew he was looking for a job, and needed more money, and called him(with divine yellow pages)to give him the job. Otherwise it was probably just his skills.

Why is it you all say that you respect women? If what you do to women is respect, then please never respect me. On average thousands of female babies are killed. That is because it is better to have a son than daughter. When they do make it to live, you teach them from birth that they are only for making babies. They are taught to be the property of someone, always. They are covered from head to toe in black cloth even in the hottest of days, or men treat them as whores. If they are not married by thirty then they are considered community property, which means every guy thinks he can have sex with her. If women are divorced then they are lower than second class. Not to mention, beatings, acid in faces, stoning, lashings, having to be one of many wives, owning nothing, being worth half that of a man in court.  Your respect for women is as filthy as your religion.

Another thing that Muslims need to explain to the world is why all the child prostitution? Why are there so many little boys in Afghanistan and Pakistan who are sold into prostitution? Why are they made to dress like little girls and dance? Yet you do not consider this child abuse, and child rape? I guess it is what the world should expect coming from a religion that allows nine year old girls to be married.

It is clear to us who are on the outside looking in that yours is not a religion of peace. It is a religion of isolation, degradation, hate, genocide, homicide, fear, domination, and contempt for the world. It does not take much for many Muslims to go from moderate to extremists. After all, moderates are the ones who just let the extremists get away with murder, and the extremists are the ones doing it.

I am not buying in to the Muslim propaganda. The laws that you are trying to pass for Shariah in the EU are as filled with hate as all of your Muslim ruled countries. After all, in those countries you kill atheists. You bully and burn Christians alive, and hang homosexuals. The Muslim religion has no respect for life. Your blood thirsty god has made it well known that the whole world can die if they dare to speak out against Islam.

Muslims celebrated on 9/11, and I remember it well. You said it is what we deserve. Well, I am not for the occupation of Muslim land by the USA. I am not okay with drones flying over, and killing innocent people. I think we are irresponsible to attempt to control your religion, and culture, and stop extremists over there. What we should be doing is keeping you from bringing your hate over here. After all Muslim rule has made these countries a disaster.

It is a crime for you to kill apostates, be they famous or not. It is horrific to see you lash people to death. It is inhumane to see women who have survived acid being thrown in their faces, and serious abuses. It is wretched that you lock rape victims in prisons. After all, not many people are actually present for a raping. There is something terribly sick about this culture. What is worse is to see you justify it with your book, and maintain that it is the law, and feel no sorrow or remorse for the life you took.

Another thing I want to make clear is that there is no science in the Quran. It is a religious book and nothing more. Humans do not start out as a blood clot. We start out as a cell, and then divide, and at no point look like a blood clot. Muhammad did not predict the size of the cosmos, he did not predict about the moon, or stars. He had nothing to do with Mathematics being created. He did not begin rational thinking or intelligent inquiry. In fact before Islam existed Iraq housed one of the greatest learning centers on earth. It was later destroyed by Muslims, so were the Buddhist temples and all of their books. So no you did not aid in the progress of science. You did however set it back a few hundred years by destroying vast amounts of knowledge.

So what I have to say to you Muslims, is that your religion is a mess. It is an horror, and it is cruel, and no one in their right mind thinks it is a religion of peace. Also make sure you all understand none of us take Dr. Zakir Naik serious. He has found to have more lies in one of his speeches than a Southern Baptist Preacher. We hate what you do and who you do it to. We hate how women and children suffer. We hate how you seem to think killing people is to be celebrated.

It is time for the world to stop cringing and hiding from the hate you spread. It is time for them to stop giving you a pass because your feelings might get hurt. It is time for the world to call you out on the horrible and terrible things you do. I am tired of cartoonist being threatened with death because they dare to make an image of your prophet. You need to grow up and learn to play nice with the rest of us. Because we are not going to hide and be terrified. You can not make us go away. Perhaps when you stop abusing and killing people we can all get along. Until then we are going to fight against your brutality and horror.

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