Why Atheism is not a religion and never will be.

First off religion has a central dogma. It has a deity and usually some horrific book full of tales that would be considered to extreme for children if written anywhere else. Next you have the laws that are found in the book. Things you should and should not do. Most of the do not do things happen to be fun, and the things you are allowed to do are tedious and boring. Those are the most important tenants of any religion.

Atheism lacks all of those. There is no book to guide us, though religious people say Darwins book does. Now if you have ever read Origin of Species, then you know it is just detailed about how evolution works. At no point does Darwin go off on some dogmatic rant about how we need to evolve. So we have no book. We also do not have a leader. Some people try to say we all go to the church of Richard Dawkins. Well that would be hard since the only preaching he does is about how science works and how we should be critical thinkers. That is a long way from looking at someone skin causing you to lose your mind and rape someone.

So atheism does not have a leader, a book or a dogma. Yet you still want to say it is a religion. Well in religions people do praying. Do you see any atheist praying? Have you ever seen anyone asking evolution for forgiveness? If you have it would be rather funny, since we know how evolution works. The reality is, though we have nothing to pray for or to. So that is another thing that means we can't be a religion.

You can try and say we are just as dogmatic as a religion, but I would say that is not the case. We can point to thousands of horrific acts on the part of religion to promote religion, and stop what are considered infractions of religious beliefs, but I have yet to see atheist commit genocide at the mandate of atheism.

Now I have heard the argument that atheists have. Stalin, Pol Pot, and the rest who murdered thousands. Well atheism is only a lack of belief, so there is no mandate to commit genocide in atheism. So those murders were done because people wanted political and ideological control. Something that has also driven man to kill many times in history. It was not driven by atheism.

Atheism is not a religion for all of those reasons, and just because you want to make us equal to you and your beliefs does not mean we are. All of us are critical thinking people who use rational decision to guide our lives. We take control of what we do and responsibility. We do not thank or blame anyone. Instead we look to what is real. This is in stark contrast to a dogma that demands blind ignorant faith, without questioning. It is nothing like believe someone is in your head listening to your every thought, and living life in eternal fear of punishment from a sick maniacal Deity hell bent on revenge for every thought and emotion you feel that he disallows. Instead we are in charge, and we control ourselves.

We are not a religion. You can not put us with a religion, we do not have books in religious stores, we do not have churches and places to worship, and we certainly don't dress up in robes and molest little boys and then hide it. We don't get tax free living at the poverty or our members or someone better call David Silverman. We don't get to invade others lives and bodies in hopes of controlling them. We don't go door to door selling our dogma, and we don't fly planes into buildings,so until we do, don't call us a religion.

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