Charles Darwin and Great Leaps in Science.

Darwin was responsible for one of the greatest discoveries in scientific history. He and others like him, that were true explorers moved the future ahead by leaps and bounds in with their discoveries. I wanted to take this opportunity and go over some of those, so the next time you are up against a creationist you can refute their lack of logic quickly, and if you love Science, you're about to rediscover why.

In 1838 Darwin boarded the HMS Beagle. He did not just go to the Galapagos islands. What he did do is journey around the globe. He spent a lot of time in South America moving through tropical areas and studying the species. The Beagle stopped at many places to explore and discover, on a five year adventure. He was brought on the Beagle as the geologist, but after four months the naturalist left the ship so Darwin took his place. This worked out well for the natural explorer and curious mind of Darwin. He spent many hours just examining the various creatures he found not only on land, but in the water as well. (The Voyage of the Beagle)

When Darwin returned home, he had thousands of specimens collected. Everything from birds to butterflies made the journey back to England.  His specimens awaited his return. He even collected dirt samples that blew onto the ship, after it was dropped by storms coming from Africa. Upon his return Darwin wrote the first copy of The Voyage of The Beagle. It was created from his five years of journal entries from his travels, and discoveries. It took him around fifteen more years to publish The Origin of Species, though he had collected many of the specimens for his theory during those first five years. Even though Wallace came up with the idea of evolution, Darwin knew early on, that there was a similarity in species, and their relation.

Meanwhile in Gregor Mendel was studying peas. This Austrian spent years studying the variations of peas when crossed. It was through his crossing these peas that we now know of alleles. He also brought dominant and recessive genes to light. His years in the priesthood allowed him time to study what crossing specific traits did, how many times the trait was seen, and how many traits crossed over per specimen. By experimenting with not only the flower color, but leaves and plant Gregor Mendel proved that though there is an amount of frequency based on active genes.

But before these great men are a few that ended the scientific dark ages, and brought about the studies that would open biology to the world. They would bring cures for disease, and end some human suffering.

One of them who must not be overlooked was Louis Pasteur. A courageous man of science who accidentally discovered that microbes are the reason we get certain illnesses, like cholera, and rabies. He discovered pasteurization, and created the first vaccines against terrible illness causing bacteria. He also put an end to the theory of spontaneous generation, by proving that microbes do not come into being at random, as well as everything else, but that they are all around us.

Another man who also discovered the world of the infinitely small, was Van Leeuwenhoek. He created hundreds of microscopes from tiny glass lenses with a pin behind it. He would then hold them up to the light and look at what he called the tiny animalcules swimming around. He was the first man alive to see sperm under the microscope. Thanks to him we discovered the world of the very small, and the microscope needed to see them. (Microbe hunters)

These men of discovery ended science being blind. They led us to modern day science which are advancing at amazing speeds. They are not men we worship, but owe a large bit of thanks to. They saw beyond what others were able to see, and guided us to cures, and health. Darwin's discovery helped us to understand the world around us and how we relate to it, and it is related to us. Pasteur gave us medicines to cure illness. Van Leeuwenhoek gave us microscopy and the ability to see what was making us sick.

Thanks to these men of science we now have electron microscopy. We have discovered DNA, and genetic similarities. We have medicines to treat many illnesses. But most of all we stopped believing in a two-hundred year old superstition of spontaneous generation and got the facts. They have turned the hand of the future, and made it possible for men to thrive. So when someone says Darwinism is a religion, remind them no one needs to worship the truth, just accept it as it is.

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