I AM Woman Hear My Godlesness.

I am woman hear my godlessness.

They say women atheists are on the rise, yet not fast enough. At least in my opinion. Rick Santorum has way to much support for a vagina hating candidate. In fact I am quite offended by him and his fellow Republicans constantly attacking my rights as a woman, but to be more precise my vagina.

Lets face it, they are not just after me. If they were it would be about what I do as a woman. The studies I do, the job I work or the care I give. No, they have attacked me on the one thing I can not help but be. They have attacked me on a part of my body, and a very vital part. This is the thanks I get for paying more taxes than them. It is the thanks I get for the mess they have made in DC and all over the United States. In fact not one relevant issue has been discussed so far. The only thing Republicans are talking about is vaginas.

A young lady testified in front of congress about her need for contraceptives. She quoted the price of 3000.00$ per year for birth control. Now I am thinking this is a visit to a gynecologist and pap smear, and breast exam, and a full year supply of birth control methods. It can be expensive depending on what you use, and who you see. Okay that is fine. Now comes the Republicans to call her a whore, a slut, a prostitute just because she wants to take care and be responsible for her vagina.

It begs the question, where did all the vagina rage come from? Why do Republicans hate vaginas so much? Is it their old wretched book? Is it their stagnant religion? Do they really blame vaginas for all of Americas problems?

I would say it is time to look to the penises for what is wrong with this country. Since most of Congress are men, well then what about penises? Why is it we feel women are so damning, yet penises do no harm? After all without sperm vaginas do not get impregnated. Without sex vaginas do not get sexually transmitted diseases, that penises can carry too. After all what goes for the vagina goes for the penis. No male was ever denied the right to a prostate exam, so that he does not have issues with his penis. No man was ever denied the right to Viagra, so he can get an erected penis. When a man has his penis cut off, it is considered a tragedy and doctors work hard to fix it so that he can feel like a man, yet every year thousands of women lose their uterus's to cancer, and no one has yet to put in a fake one.

Why do penises feel they are more important than vaginas? After all it only takes one sperm, but it takes an egg and nine months of sacrifice to health and nutrition, vomiting, labor and pain for one life to come from a vagina. Men worry more about what we do with their sperm than what their sperm does to us, and then try to tell us what to do with our vaginas. Yet they feel superior for the amount of women they can impregnate without a conscious as to what it does to her.

It is time for women to unite, but also think. Do you really want a man telling you about your vagina? Do you really want his religion deciding laws, and governing your vagina? If not then stand together as women. Let men know that we hold them responsible for their penises. Let them know that as atheists we don't want their dogma deciding for us, and our vaginas.

I am not going to stop talking, until Washington listens. It is my body, I am an atheist. This is my vagina and I want all exclusive rights to it. I don't want people using their prejudices and ideologies on my vagina. I am an Atheist and I don't find it acceptable for others to tell me what is good for my vagina. So please love women, and love your vaginas because if you don't love your vagina, who will?

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