It's Berning In America, And Some Of Us Don't Feel The Bern.

At the start of this election cycle I was going to take it easy, I already had my candidate picked, but was willing to listen to what others had to say. Then it happened, Bernie Sanders called Planned Parenthood, "The establishment." That was all he wrote, for me. I was done, and who was this socialist that was now adding the title "Democrat?' What I found out was not anything to be proud of, or happy about. That's okay, because I am a socialist, but I vote Democrat, and I still refuse to vote for Bernie.

This man, who, for all intents and purposes, seems to have come from the sky on a cloud, and be the second messiah, has been through nothing. 30 years in the senate, and where was his history? I couldnt't find it. Till I went looking. What I found made me angry, mostly with people who say they are democrats, but with their double standards as well.

Bernie Sanders evaded the draft. Not that anyone should be drafted, but we have said forever, if it is good enough for the poor and the minorities, then it should be good enough for everyone, or not at all. I am for not at all, but then I know people who got drafted, and they went, because they were healthy and poor and had no other options. My father was one of them. So how can I a child of a veteran say its okay this time. I cant. I hate the draft, and I'm all for both genders either being drafted, or no one, but not for people who think themselves the exception to the rule because they don't want it to be them.

Bernie Sanders didn't really hold a job before he was in the senate, he just kind of drifted. Not just job, to job, but place to place, and woman to woman. I don't care who you have sex with, just don't do it to get out of things. I cant say for 100% sure that he had a son to escape the draft, but it would be a seriously twisted reason, and it did seem to happen at the right time.

Then he was off to college, and after that he became a senator. Sure he did more than that, but lets jump to it.

If you look at his voting record via or the federal election commission, you'll notice some trends. He did vote to fund wars. And no, if we don't fund wars, the don't just leave our vets there to die, they have to bring them home. Because a soldiers pay is already part of the budget. No money for war, means just that, no money to take them over there and put them to war, and keep paying for bullets, and more guns, and equipment, and more imported food, and medical supplies, and bodies coming home in caskets. Bernie could have voted no, anyway, and it still wouldn't have stopped the other votes. Also, supporting war isn't supporting the troops. I am sure they had better things to do than die, and get shot at. Really, anything would have worked.

Bernie has taken money from the same places Hillary has, of course he did, you cant get elected without it, so while he talks big, he's getting support from Karl rove, and a nurses super PAC.

The worst part is, there are wall street workers supporting Sanders. So what does that say?

See, I don't buy what Bernie is selling. He's sexist when it comes to campus rape, and when it comes to cervical cancer, well he thinks you just need more orgasms ladies.

Bernie sanders is the promise of all your dreams to come true. He is the maker of all things right, until he isn't. And he isn't. I have seen how America works for years, and I can tell you, if it took 20 years for affordable care, which was the brain child of Hillary Clinton, then you can bet the solutions of many more things are not one night and day away.

When republicans get a hold on Sanders, they aren't going to let go, and if you haven't done your homework and think Hillary is a shill, wait till they are done with him. Not only will they drag out everything I said above, but they will bring his socialism to equate it with communism. They will bring up his honeymoon in cold war Russia, and his love for Marxism, and his early years with extremists to light, and Hillary will look like a saint.

I never want to have to vote Bernie Sanders in my life, and no, I don't support him in any sense. Making promises you can't keep is disingenuous at best, and manipulative at worst. If Hillary doesn't win the nomination, I really have to consider my options, because I certainly don't want that in my white house.

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