Be Inspired: Hitchens Last Message.

It has not yet been a year since the passing of Christopher Hitchens. Every time I hear his words I am inspired. His contribution to humanity will sustain mankind for thousands of years to come. His whit and candor brought fear to his foes. His splendid knowledge was like a well versed and worn book. Every page was some sparkling overlooked detail of history. He shined a light on the hypocrisy of religion, and shouted it from every podium or arena he could find.

In his final message, in Texas, to the freethinkers gathered there, he said "Be inspired." He looked to the future that he would never see. A future where we solve the mysteries that lie awaiting our discovery. Discoveries he could have never dreamed of, for his lifetime. On the eve of his own departure from humanity, he knew that our choices will effect the certainty of our existence. We as a species, and a group, and societies, countries, families. He had come to terms with his own human frailty as an organic creature, as an organism, as a human, and as a man. What was simply inspiring about that, is while he could have felt pity for himself, instead he dreamed of the future he would never have the possibility to see.

So be inspired. We may only be 10% of the world population, and we may make a small group, but small groups can do powerful things. You don't have to write books, or stand in the street with posters screaming, "I am an atheist." Just simple things mean the most. Organize and have small meetings, make groups of people in your area, read more books and make theists look like illiterate hobo's. Stand up for woman's rights, send messages to your congress men that you don't want religion effecting their decisions. Be a part of town hall meetings, or become the mayor of a small town. You don't have to shout that you are an atheist, but you can do as the founding fathers, and just make it seem you are for fairness and equality.

Just be inspired. This life is short, and the future is not written in stone. We could be twenty years from mars, or twenty years from a horrible world war caused by religious zealots, who already believe it is inevitable. We have the power for change. It may look like we are facing dark hours thanks to recent wind on the part of dogmatic minds. The only thing they have on us is they are inspired right now. They are inspired by fear and hate. We should stand above that and be inspired by love and hope, because we know no super villain deity is not lurking in the sky holding our impending doom in his wretched clutches. Instead we have endless possibilities.

Atheists, and agnostics are a diverse crowd. There is not a majority mind set among us. Other than atheism some have nothing in common with others. It is quite astounding to note the amount of free thinking that actually takes place in our communities. But we unite for the best cause of all. The ending of dogmatic reign in the name of a majestic deity preoccupied with sex, and err that he is willing to "punish" the slightest misdeed on the part of his indoctrinated zombie followers. Atheists and agnostics need to keep the unity and community growing. We need to reach out to one another. We can bicker and argue over semantics, but the greater cause exists. Our children need to be inspired.

That is the reason dogmatic thinkers have been attacking the teaching of evolution in schools. There is no greater damage that can be done to rational thinking then removing it while a person is young. If Einstein, Hitchens, Dawkins had never been given a chance to question, to seek answers, and to think for themselves, many people would still be in the dark about the realities of religions sickness. They would be in the dark about the insurmountable amount of evidence that exists for evolution, and most of all we would see a world that is more torn and tattered by the terrorism of religion.

So for the future, and the children, for the reality, and the truth, be inspired. Do something small, or big to help the future. You all count, and are wonderful. Every atheist voice has a place. We are not trying to destroy religion, just keep it from destroying its self and the world with it. We must be strong, and unified for the cause. We must think of what we can make of this world, and all the hope, and potential it has. We are atheists and united anything is possible.

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