Away in A Manger: Just Leave Your Vagina At Home.

The Religious Right claim the war on women does not exist, but it only took one photo displayed on the Daily Show to put the Catholics in a rage. A comical joke about a Vagina Manger. The intent was to show that Jesus came from a vagina. Within one day Delta airlines pulled their ads from the Daily show after pressure from the Catholic league. These are the same people who said nothing when Rush Limbaugh was busy calling a young woman a "slut, and whore" for her testimony to congress about birth control. What does all this say?

There is a very seedy and malicious war on women going on. Even if the Republicans are taking a powder on their blatant attacks on women, their bullying continues from the pulpits and churches everywhere. Women are to be used for sex only, and nothing more. Women are baby makers, and not to be talked about like civil, educated, formal adults. Or express that babies come from their vaginae.  The sexual organ which makes a babies entry into the world possible. We all came here because of vaginae. It is impossible to have come by any other medium, though certainly when vagina's can be eliminated, assuredly some sick individuals will see that it happens. 

What is this twisted affair we have with loathe for the vagina. The word vagina sends upper class christian women into hiding. It is unethical in polite company to mention such a word, yet men talk about their Viagra and ability to sustain an erection like it is divine intervention. While vagina is noted for only unsanitary situations penises are considered the fountains of life. Men seem to believe their sperm is equal to liquid gold. Somehow there is supreme power built into the idea that they shoot out swimming genetic tadpoles that hopefully are not mutated and weak, so that they can fertilize an egg. While it takes most men the average of five minutes to ejaculate a woman carries a baby for nine months.

The notorious slurs for a woman's vagina are astounding. Men who seek to be inside of a vagina in one form or another seem to love and yet hate vagina with a fervour. Most women have heard the distasteful rot men, with no class, spew about vaginae. Men and woman that obviously disregard the vagina as a vile, filthy  object speak to the odor, size, amount of use, or disuse of the vagina. It is treated as the most sacred, and yet reviled part of the human form. The anus is held to higher regard than the vagina.

What is wrong with society when the very fundamental organ which is responsible for our existence is so offensive that it must be hidden, never spoken, and used as a weapon against females. Is part of my body so abhorred that it shames me, and society, and your religion for me to have it. Is my vagina so loathsome that it deserves reprise for being spoken in public? Should children be kept from understanding their mother has a vagina and at one point the pairing of their mothers vagina with their fathers penis created them. Are we such a juvenile nation that hearing adult words, and seeing adult body parts which accurately depict where children expelled from the body are harmful?

It is absurd that we continue to see religious people who sit silently while thousands of little boys are sexually abused, who never spoke out against the pope and his defense of pedophiles, then turn and dare to pressure Delta to pull their ads for the word vagina with a picture of a manger. How dare they claim morality when this is the stance they take. Not one of these hypocrites ever pulled funding from the Catholic church, but dares to admonish a comedy program for saying Vagina Manger and showing that picture. Is their fear that The Daily show holds more power than their dishonored pope? After all as more cases of sexual abuse come forward, and they lose more members they are grasping desperately at straws to avoid the reality of their sick religion,while crying immorality at the rest of the world.

Women should be angry and proud. Angry that pedophilia is accepted by the Catholic church, while vagina is not. They should be furious that their bodies are used to produce new members for the same church that hates them. They should be fuming that the church would rather follow the teachings of a former Nazi youth, than to let a woman with a vagina teach their religion. The sickness of the Catholic church is unending, is deplorable, and unacceptable.They should be proud enrage a church that has promoted their suffering for thousands of while silently oppressing and hating them. They should be proud that they carry a weapon of mass function, because nothing can take down the Catholic church like vagina.

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