Rape the Gay Away!!!???

I could almost vomit hearing this ignorant mans thoughts on homosexuality. Rape your daughter straight. Are you kidding me? How does a moron like this get on the air?

A man called into the radio show to say that he thought his daughter was attracted to other women. The "good" advice he was given by an untrained, unqualified DJ, Dominic Dieter  was to have her raped straight. Now I can't even believe someone would have the indignant nature to voice this hate to thousands of listeners, but rape, of all things?

Since when does holding someone down and against their will penetrating their body, while they struggle and cry out sound like a cure for anything? The only thing it is going to cure is for that daughter to ever want near men again. Especially her father. But one question here, how much rape makes you straight? Do you have to rape them all night? What about for a week? Do you have to do physical damage? At what point in the rape should the person begin to say it seems like a great thing?

The last time I knew rape was a horrible thing that caused emotional damage, and people usually got arrested for doing it. I have no clue why someone so ignorant was chosen to work for a radio station so he could spew his ignorant hate, and then suggest hate crimes to people. But I know that it still is a crime, and he should be arrested if one homosexual gets raped any time soon. Because some homosexual hating person might side with him on that horrible idea. We are after all responsible for the words we choose to use in front of thousands of people. It is bad enough there are ignorant people out there that discriminate against homosexuals, but rape.

I hope that father war horrified hearing that, and did not take it serious. After all the guy is just a talk show host and in no way qualified to talk about actual ways to deal with things. Even if this had been taken out of context, the man is demented at best. Raping someone over their sexuality is the same beating them for it. Why in this day and age do these people still exist. After all what someone else does with their body is not your business.

This guy should not only be fired, but he should be punished. It is not funny or a game, a joke, or moral behavior to rape anyone, or suggest it. Just because a person is gay they are not different from anyone else. They are only having sex that may vary from yours. People like him only show that we have a long way to go. because rape is a horrible crime, and can not be justified by any means. This kind of sick mentality has to end. People like him need to get back in the caves they crawled out of.

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