Beat the Gay Out Of Your Kids?

Berean Baptist Church pastor this week told his flock of mindless sheep, that if a boy acts effeminate they should be taught to be a "dude" or man by their fathers. How did this bigot with an attitude suggest parents do that? Well it would not be Christianity without a punch or a "crack" of that feminine wrist. But for the girls who feel left out here he thinks if you want to play sports, fine, but sometimes you have to be sexualized. "Your going to walk like a girl, and talk like a girl, and smell like a girl, and be attractive." Because every four year old to ten year old girl playing sports should be sexy. Also their interest in sports automatically makes them a lesbian.

Just like a small boy who tries on his mothers dress is automatically gay. There are no feminine lesbians or butch gay men as we have learned from Sean Harris, pastor of the church. You can identify gay by stereotypical means. Gay behaves a certain way only, and that is how you can identify and beat it our of your kid. After all this highly educated pastor is sure that it is a choice, even if science says it can't be determined why, and at four if your acting gay it is likely that you were born that way.

There is so much wrong with every word of his hate and ignorance glorifying speech. From how parents should treat their possibly gay children, and sexualize them, to beating them. It was clear from his retraction statement on his hate speech that he has no clue what the LGBT community is. Which speaks to his narrow bigoted mind.

During his speech you could hear his congregation laugh as he said "boys should be digging ditches." Because every boy should be doing one thing only. This cave man mentality is what has made women second class in all major religions, and it is sickening to hear him define gender roles with such hate and anger for any deviation. Just like when he states the girls can play sports, but he might as well have said sometimes you have to get your ass in the kitchen and cook. Because "smell like a girl, and be attractive like a girl," should other wise mean what?

In his retraction statement he says he did not call for the cracking of the boys "limp" wrists, or for them to literally be squashed. His churches views on child abuse, or spanking, are on the website. They should be "beaten on the buttocks hard enough to correct the behavior, not as a punishment." Yet clearly in the video he states how they should be punched.

Men like this keep the world from being a better place, with their hate and ignorance. They try so hard to stereotype behavior into one little defined package. He might have beaten the artist out of DaVinci or the scientist out of Madame Currie. Since they did not play by his specific gender rolls. Yet only one of those two was gay. So while he tries to destroy the natural behaviors of our children, and their curiosity, he also tries to package them into the mindless drones he believes they should be. What a sick monster to run a church, but it's what we can expect from the Southern Baptist Community at large. The ontological argument of superiority of divinity by forcing behavior in a certain direction, as if the same divinity was mistaken in its fist directive. Men like him do not deserve a place in civil society. His ignorance shines a light on the mid evil practices of a backwards religion desperate to "squash" free thinking and exploration.

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